Doctor Who: Myths And Legends

You guys know I like my Doctor Who, so when this one came up on Netgalley it was another no brainer... of course I was going to request it.

Doctor Who: Myths And Legends by Richard Dinnick
For thousands of years, epic stories have been passed down from Time Lord to student, generation to generation. The truth of these tales was lost millennia ago, but the myths and legends themselves are timeless.

These are the most enduring of those tales. From the princess Manussa and her giant snake Mara, to the Vardon Horse of Xeriphin, these stories shed light on the universe around us and the beings from other worlds that we meet. Myths hold up a mirror to our past, present and future, explaining our culture, our history, our hopes and fears.

A collection of epic adventures from the Time Lords’ mist-covered past, Myths and Legends is an unforgettable gallery of heroes and villains, gods and monsters.

I was really excited by this one. The contents page was encouraging, with tales based on familia…

Over Subscribing

There are subscriptions in life that we're just accustomed to. We pay rent monthly, mortgages, TV, internet, phones, and bill after bill. But recently I was looking at cutting back on expenses in my life and some of my subscriptions were on the chopping block.

This thought came about because of a little rant I had to myself about music subscriptions. I use Spotify and Google Play Music. On Spotify I come and go with the subscription when I'm in the mood for music as I only listen to songs I like, never new music unless I've picked it up off the radio. So for me, paying £10 a month really isn't worth it. When I got myself a Google Home for my kitchen it came with three month's free music, so of course I switched over to that, and then carried on the subscription after the offer, again, at £10 a month. But it's just come to the point where I've decided it isn't music mood anymore.
After cancelling that subscription (and realising that Google Play Music is…

Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings

This one was a bit out of the blue, searching through new titles for our February catalogue I came across this cute looking cover and when I was Googling for more information I discovered it was on Netgalley... so of course that was going to get read straight away!

Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings by Sarah Graley
Kim is like any other university student trying to get by, she's found herself a part-time job to help make the rent. But it's not quite that simple. When she leaves a lecture the only things she needs to do to get to work is get out her scythe and open a portal there. Kim is a part-time grim reaper.

Becka has noticed Kim in class, the beautiful gothic angel has caught her eye and she's hatching a plan to meet her properly. That plan goes slightly awry when she chases after her and ends up in Kim's portal to work.

This little mishap leads to all sorts of chaos, one not quite dead cat, one fully dead cat-dad, some vengeful zombies, and a bunch of grim reapers just t…

And The Award Goes To...

I had one of those moments where I thought "I don't care that other people are making their own top 10 listings... I'm going to do one."

So here it goes!

The Short List
Here's the (long) short list of what I saw this year, things I saw as Unlimited Screenings are in italics:

A Monster Calls | Assassin's Creed | Sing | LEGO Batman | Hidden Figures | Logan | Fist Fight | Kong: Skull Island | Beauty And The Beast | Life | Table 19 | Boss Baby | Going In Style | Fate Of The Furious | Smurfs: The Lost Village | Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 | A Dog's Purpose | Ghost In The Shell | Sleepless | Alien Covenant | King Arthur Legend Of The Sword | Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge | Baywatch | Wonder Woman | The Mummy | Baby Driver | Transformers: The Last Knight | Despicable Me 3 | The House | Spider-man: Homecoming | War Of The Planet Of The Apes | Cars 3 | Dunkirk | The Big Sick | Girl's Trip | The Emoji Movie | Valerian And The City Of A T…

That Was The Year That Was

Doing a round-up sometimes seems like a terrible idea. Especially when, for me, this year has had its ups and downs. It started off very badly.

A friend passed away after being admitted to hospital just before new year. No life is ever quite long enough, but hers was definitely too short. She was the kind of person that you thought would just always be there. Her loss was a tragedy, and it made me realise that I don't spend enough time seeing people, but it is almost impossible to change that sometimes. I tried to write a piece back in January about her spirit and the loss I felt, but by March I still had just one sentence written and I realised that that was probably the best I could do. Every time I sat down to think about it I couldn't do anything but stare at the screen. We feel the loss of everyone in our lives, but her death hit me harder than that of any before. I spent five days a week with her, sometimes more, she was someone who would always make you part of her fami…

Movies Of 2017 - December Recapped!

As you can imagine, December is massively seasonal based in Chez Emma. If you haven't watched Die Hard, Home Alone and Muppet's Christmas Carol by December 3rd then you're slacking... and you know I got the Christmas party started right.

The Man Who Invented Christmas ★★★★★
Two years after the success of Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens is suffering financial hardship from the failure of his last three books. Rejected by his publishers, he sets out to write a new book to restore his finances. Seeing inspiration around London, most notably a rich man's funeral that is largely unattended, he begins writing A Christmas Carol, due in six weeks in order to be published by Christmas. As Charles begins to develop his story, he interacts with the characters he is writing about, most notably Ebenezer Scrooge.

Christmas spirit abounds this month, and I was so happy to see it start with this film. I'm fed up of saying "I hadn't heard anything about this film until i…

Movies To See In 2018

Last year's movies to see was short and disappointing... I honestly don't know how I couldn't find more films coming out. So... must try harder. Here we go I'm going to go all out for this (if I can).

Show guide:

One Star ★ : I'm really looking forward to it.Two Stars ★★ : If you invite me to do something on opening day... I will be telling you I'm sick and can't make it.

Arctic Justice - Puffin henchmen and an Arctic fox with a dream.

Blame - A taboo relationship leads to a vengeful chain of events.

The Commuter - A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home.

Early Man - An Aardman production where Early Man is about to be evicted, by a Bronze Age city.

Molly's Game - Done and dusted thanks to Cineworld's last Unlimited Screening of 2017.

★★  Black Panther - After the death of his father T'Challa returns home to take his place on the throne.

Den of Thieves - The elite unit of the LA County Sheriff…

Movies Of 2017 - November Recapped!

November, or as some have called it, the month of the Unlimited Screening. Five hot off the reel films to sink out teeth into, and plenty of others besides. One thing is for sure, I have probably met every single Unlimited Card holder this month, and they really are a varied bunch!

Bad Mom's Christmas ★★★★★
A whole festive light display, matching hair styles, and a request for money. When Amy, Kiki and Carla's mums (sorry moms) turn up out of the blue they quickly realise that this time they need to take back Christmas.

First Christmas film of the season... if we're not including the fact I watched Die Hard the other day. The first one was such fun that I had to go and see this one. This one is perfect girl's night viewing. I don't know what to say to this one, it's funny, and it's got a gorgeous stripping Santa... ladies, if that doesn't do it for you then I don't know what will. (Oh wait... Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot in Justice League.) [01/11]

9 Books That Stuck With Me

In my spare room I have a bookshelf. They're everywhere in my house, but this one is different. These shelves aren't quite like any of the others.

When I first go to bed in a new house I perch on the edge of the mattress and take in my surroundings. If you do that in my spare room you'll see a whole array of books staring straight up at you. To look at them you would say that they were put there for lack of another place to store them, but each of them is there for a reason, my reason.

Jokingly, I describe this bookshelf as the most intellectual in the whole house. That may of may not be true, but all I mean is that there's a story to almost every one of them. Those books have been smiled at, cried over and howled at with laughter. Those are books that I love, and I would love you to love too.

Truth be told, I can't remember the whole story line to a couple of them. There are specific memories though that are just stuck in my brain from when I read them.

People fre…