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Movies Of 2018 - June Recapped!

Looking at this month I can tell that it's going to very back end heavy. But everyone like a big booty so I'm sure it's going to be fine!

I'm already calling a no show on Hereditary this month. Everything in the trailer screamed nope very loudly, and I'm going to take it as a sign. (People have since told me that it really wasn't that bad, but I've decided life is too short for that nonsense.)

Let's talk about over scheduling shall we? The end of this month is pretty jam packed with new films. Six of them to be precise. All coming out on Friday 29th. This is also the day that starts my five day weekend. Doctor's orders. Take a break. So those six films aren't so much of a problem. In fact, it's happened very handily as under normal circumstances I wouldn't have been able to see one of them if I was at my own cinema.

Bring on the movies!
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ★★★★☆
When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Ow…