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What If Sharks, And A Tornado Mixed Together? Contains SPOILERS!

Well you'd get a Sharknado... and if it happened more than once? You'd get Sharknado 2: The Second One. I love crappy TV films... they are fantastic... but you really need to not take it seriously when you watch it. They're comedy, pure and simple. Now, as I have no life, I've done a breakdown of this second masterpiece of shark and tornado... you're welcome... but I'm calling SPOILER ALERT if you haven't already seen it. It'll be like I'm in the room with you, except you won't be able to tell me to shut up or throw something at me! Sharknado 2: The Second One as contemplated by my random mind 00:00:01     Oooh the plane looks like a shark going through the water. 00:00:28     Is that Kelly Osborne? 00:00:35     Yep, that's Kelly Osborne... are flight attendants allowed purple hair? 00:01:13     Really? She had her book in the cabin? 00:01:34     She wrote a book that looks like a rip-the-shit-out-of-something spoof book? Okay.