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10 Ways To A More Positive Life

For the first time in ages it really does feel like a fog has lifted. I found enthusiasm that I haven't had for years and it's finally starting to set in. I won't lie, it still isn't perfect but I'll get there soon. The urge to come home and stop doing things is still strong, but if I keep setting targets I'll soon get into the swing of things. Little steps. I tried what felt like everything to bring myself out of the fog. It's easier to see it all now that I'm closer to the horizon, but really what it needed was a little bit of everything. So here are my 10 suggestions to turning things around, hopefully you'll find something that will work for you. 1] Treat yourself right Now most things I have read say "exercise... diet... blah blah blah". I can't deny those will work, but when you're low that level of commitment to something isn't always possible. I will cover food and exercise in a bit, but this time "treat y

How To Achieve Things With Limited Time

Motivation, motivation, motivation. I hardly ever achieve anything at the weekends, it's too tempting to surf the net and play on Pinterest instead of doing sensible things. So I made myself a list. A list will solve anything. At first I started with the big jobs that needed to be done in the house, but that seemed kind of pointless as most of them I can't achieve on my own, so I added more day to day things. Finally putting away those boxes, actually hanging up my washing instead of leaving it folded on my dresser. It's daft but once you've achieve a couple of things off the list the rest seems like child's play. So my list was a massive 26 things long. Including putting up shelving through the house, painting my hallway and repainting some canvasses. I worked out that I could actually do 14 of the things off the list without spending a penny or really lifting a finger. But you have to start small with these things, so I told myself to do half of them or lo

DC Essential

I love reading graphic novels, and with so many comics being produced with individual storylines and crossovers it's difficult to keep track or know where to start on something new. This book works great for the new reader, you've got the key points on where to start with each character and area, but it's by no means a full list. It's a very helpful guide, but it is just that, and a lot of people seem to forget that online... I always go and look for reviews after I've read something, and I'm amazed how often people have missed the point completely. Recommend this to people who come to you asking about where they should start with DC, it'll give them a great foundation for finding which characters are right for them. While I have a lot of web pages bookmarked and encyclopedias even I get to a point where I don't know which comic goes where. It would be nice to have a complete version of this for the more experienced readers. The amount o

Far Out Fairy Tales

I always enjoy a good fairy tale. There are some fantastic adaptations out there and it never ceases to amaze me how many new twists people are able to come up with. Far Out Fairy Tales is a great example of that. The series is due to be published in April 2016 in paperback format, five books at £4.99 each. Let's take a quick look at each story... Ninja-rella has honed her skills, kept her mind sharp with chess and her body sharp with swordsmanship. As with the traditional tale of Cinderella she is cast into service for her step-mother and step-sisters, but when the ball comes around Ninja-rella wishes  to go so she can show off her skills and become the prince's bodyguard. Red Riding Hood - Superhero . Granny works hard as the President of the United States, and takes  Ruby on a trip to Area 54. There she meets an alien who accidentally leaves his cloak behind when he flees. The cloak comes in handy when she has to face Professor Grimm, the mad scientist who

You To Me Are Everything

So I've been a little illusive since coming back from holiday, I thought I'd get back into the swing of it with a waffling list of nonsense. After everything with the Tampon Tax I decided to list the things in my life I can't live without. Something to watch after reading this... AFTER... is this video of Russell Howard's take on it which made me chuckle earlier. I'm going to start with the materialistic... my enslavement to the digital revolution. My iPad. When I originally brought it I honestly thought I'd never use it, but I had to have one. I don't think there's been a day where I haven't used it. Mainly at the moment I use it to listen to audio books and make jigsaws... what an excellent use of technology I hear you say. Some days are more productive than others! I'm a bit of a binge buyer at times, mainly stationery. There's something oddly satisfying about writing in a new pad with a new pen! I decided to put my house on the

Ghostly Goings On

So during my lunch break I set to reading The Ghost Prison by Joseph Delaney. Spoiler alert, it's a very short book and you'll still have time left. The back of the book leaves you with a good feeling about the contents. This is the entrance to the Witch Well and behind that door you'd face your worst nightmare. Don't ever go through there. Night falls, the portcullis rises in the moonlight, and young Billy starts his first night as a prison guard. But this is no ordinary prison. There are haunted cells that can't be used, whispers and cries in the dark... and the dreaded Witch Well. Billy is warned to stay away. But what is hiding in the night, awaiting him? The story itself is very atmospheric even though it's under a hundred pages. But to be honest, while I enjoyed it, I felt like it could have been a "proper novel". When I finished I got the sense of a great story but it felt like it was almost a long synopsis/introd