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How To Have The Perfect Bath

Everyone needs to know how to relax. I've already told you how to have the perfect do nothing day , but recently the perfect bath has been on my mind. You'll have seen some of of my DIY attempts, unfortunately though, I'm not capable of installing a bathroom, so I've been designing it online and have since booked to have one installed. What I miss in life is a decent bath, so my only stipulation was that I wanted a big bath. My dream bath has enough room for my shoulders to actually get submerged without sacrificing the warmth of my knees or feet, room to actually move about a bit without feeling pinched, and Jacuzzi bubbles. Did you know that you can now get baths that have massages jets, multi-coloured lights and Bluetooth speakers in them?! But where was I? Oh yes, the perfect bath... Just like with our do nothing day, you'll need to do some prep... because trust me, no one likes getting out of a hot bath before they have to. The Prep: Everyone hates c

Movies of 2016 - Recapped!

So one of my non-New Year's resolutions was to see at least half of my to watch films of 2016. Out of 31 on the list I have already seen 19, plus some that appeared out of nowhere after I did the original. I dread to think how much that cost me in tickets, popcorn and slushies. Thankfully the last few months have been aided by my Cineworld Unlimited card, so that helped a bit. 5th Wave Never got round to this. I think partly because I wanted to read the book first, and partly because in the end I really didn't enjoy the trailers. Dad's Army This one was a good laugh, surprisingly. The casting was good, and even though it was ridiculous, it wasn't any more ridiculous than the show. Deadpool Well you know I loved this one... take a look at my waffle on my previous post . Get my some chimichangas and put the DVD on! Pride & Prejudice & Zombies I was always going to see this, it was high on the must see list... read my post about what I tho

How To Survive A Christmas Holiday

I have to say, when I started seeing Christmas things hitting the shelves, I, like a lot of you sighed... walked down the aisle, picked up a seasonal tub of mini cheddars and went about the rest of my regular shopping. (By the way, am I the only one who wants those crinkly mini cheddars back? There must be a petition somewhere.) On December 1st, the date that everyone generally accepts as the official time for Christmas, that all changed. I got up early and headed to the office where I put up our tree and bedazzled desks with tinsel. I took just an hour of my time with some precarious clambering on tables, but it definitely kicked off my Christmas spirit. At that point I'd also basically finished my Christmas shopping and I'm now supremely skint until next pay day... next Friday... not that I'm counting down the days. Unfortunately it feels like most of my festivities are going to be saved for the office. There didn't seem like much point in putting up a tree

Legendary Reading

I haven't had the urge to read a book in ages... that was until I saw The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly on Netgalley. I'll admit, I was going into this book biased, I love Matthew Reilly novels. This one just confirmed that feeling. So this one is in the Jack West series, and my horrible realisation is that I had missed one in the series. Yes I know they're numbered and it should be easy to follow them... but I still missed one! So I have no idea what happened in the last book. Honestly though I don't think it meant I lost anything when reading this. Jack West Jnr wakes, head shaved, alone and very confused. As if waking up and not knowing how he got to wherever he was wasn't enough, now he's being charged at by something that's half man, half bull. What sort of dream was this? And if it wasn't a dream, was it a nightmare? The fifth greatest warrior had been kidnapped, and brought to this mysterious place... and he wasn't

How To Survive Halloween

I'm notoriously bah hum bug about Halloween, mainly because where I used to live it was an excuse for "troublemakers" to cause trouble. The most sensible thing was to get home as quickly as you could and sit in darkness until the seasonal craziness switched to Christmas overnight. So the weekend is here again, what is a girl to do when faced with a few days of trying to avoid trick or treaters and drunk idiots in costumes? It will come as no surprise to you that I had a few thoughts! Films I don't enjoy horror films. And probably for the opposite reason that has popped into your head... I just don't find them scary. If I'm going to watch something in the horror genre then it's going to be funny. This can be films that were made deliberately funny, or ones that took themselves so seriously that they became funny. My top ten favourite funny horror movies The Addams Family - On bad days, Wednesday is my spirit animal. On fabulous days it's

Writing Prompts - The Beginning

I search for a lot of writing prompts online, and I thought it was about time I tried putting some together myself. So here are a couple, with some vague ideas I had for them. I like the idea that your body could some how pre-warn you that it was in danger, and give you enough time to try and fix it. Possibly it is specifically your eyes that have precognitive powers... not sure where that last idea came from! I'm almost certain that Santa needs a job outside of the Christmas season, and with that much insider knowledge he's bound to be useful to someone! I like the idea of a damsel in distress narrating the line of suitors trying to rescue her from the tower. None of them realise it, but she's not trapped, she's actually well trained and self sufficient, she just needs some light entertainment between training sessions. I hope you like these three, let me know if you use them, I'd be really interested in seeing the results.

Marvel-ous Day Out?

Nerds Assemble! Last weekend I got my nerd on. I was lucky enough to get a friend's plus one to go and see Marvel Universe Live at the O2 in London. Obviously, living in Bristol means that going to London is a bit of a trek, but everyone loves a road trip! My friend kindly offered to drive us up to Hayes and then we trained and tubed it into town. So our adventure was under way with some sunshine and some gossip. Putting the world to rights. Travelling in London I dislike trains with a passion. If I could get the bus everywhere easily then I would. But as long as someone is there to point me in the right direction then it's all good... unless of course you happen to go into London on a day when there are works on. While it's still possible to get around, it generally helps to have that information before you get half way through your journey. So a morning of bad or non-existent announcements and some unhelpful staff really wasn't a fun way to start the d

Movies To See In 2017

It's about that time again... to sift through the hundreds of movies coming out in 2017 and start planning how I'm going to afford all the popcorn that will be required! I don't know how I'm feeling about all the remakes I've seen... especially Sister Act, I'm really hoping that that one is a horrible horrible joke. I would assume that there are a lot of films that are due to come out that I won't have seen online, as with my 2016 list. But let's get started! January 20th: Split - James McAvoy looking particularly scary. M. Night Shyamalan, could go either way. 20th: Table 19 - Wedding comedy with Anna Kendrick, I enjoy both of those things! 20th: xXx Return of Xander Cage - Wait... isn't he dead? February 10th: The Lego Batman Movie - Another one that got an automatic slot on the list. Possibly the only time this year I won't be disappointed by a DC character. 17th: The Dark Tower - I'm nervous... Stephen King

A Little Foggy In Patches

Nine month's ago I wrote a post, "10 Ways To A More Positive Life" , and now seems like the right time to do a bit of a follow up. In the last week I've gone from feeling on top of the world to wondering why I bothered to get out of bed. --- I wrote those two sentences at about 7am this morning and then had to transition to playing Bejewelled on my phone laying face down on the sofa. I'm not even sure that I know what to write right now either, but I want to achieve something else today. Today is definitely a better day than yesterday. I did chores, I did some painting and I left the house. I went to the supermarket, more for some mild company than anything else. I usually love a shopping trip, mainly because I like the precision and order of organising things on the conveyor belt at the tills (Error 404: Life not found). But my brain wasn't in the game, even the woman on the till asked me if I was alright, I just went with the "I should probably

Senior Moments

At a certain age you begin to have those odd moments, moments where you're not sure what you were doing or... what was I saying? If you haven't had a senior moment yet, don't worry, it'll be hiding for you around a corner of life. It waits in the darkness, waiting to jump out at you. Usually it'll strike at you sometime after you've felt the urge to use the phrase "kids these days" or "back when I was a child". It's a slow spiral! I'm forgetful, and the following things sum up a fair amount of what I forget... well, probably... there might be others, but I forget. Where did I put things? There is a zone in your home that acts like a blackhole, it sucks in anything that you leave unattended just before you will desperately need them. Sometimes you'll put something down, turn away for just a second... and it's gone. Every time I prepare to go out I have my mantra, "keys, phone, purse", usually rec

Harry Potter And The Mixed Reviews *spoilers*

*Massive spoilers everywhere, sorry, not sorry*     I have always been a Harry Potter fan, but I definitely can't claim I'm a Potterhead... I've read the books, I've seen the films, I listened to the audiobooks... but I have too many other things going on to dedicate such a large portion of my spare time to HP like a lot of people on the internet have. I think I've said before that when I watch new films, I like to watch them with my brain switched off... I like to enjoy them as a standalone project (whether they are or not), and not pick them apart or look for the problems. These things were created for us to enjoy, we really should try doing that first. And I do, the first time, then I watch it again, almost certainly with a notepad and pen at the ready. This is going to be a very mixed article, as what was going to be a review has evolved into a bit of a monster. By that I mean, after I read Harry Potter & The Cursed Child I went looking for what

Kicking The Bucket

I had the urge to make another list... haven't made one in ages and I'm getting an itchy writing hand just thinking about it. You guys know I don't like an easy challenge, in this case it is go big or go home... the epic list... the one everyone thinks about... The Bucket List. I have what can only be described as a work in progress. I've taken things off it, I've added things on, I've completed a few... but it really could be never ending. So here it is, my work in progress, my list of things I really hope I get round to doing: Places to visit: See all the Guggenheim museums Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Grand Canyon, Utah/Arizona Niagara Falls, Ontario/NY Yellowstone, Wyoming Barcelona Crater Lake, Oregon Angel Falls, Venezuela Galapagos Islands, Equador Northern Lights, Finland Zion Wildlife Park, New Zealand Terracotta Army, China Moraine Lake, Canada Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah A proper American "Believe It Or Not" Sal

Configuration And Juxtaposition

As you know, I don't go and explore the area as much as I should. Sheer laziness! But occasionally I'm forced into doing something against my will... which as it turns out was quite fun in this instance. So yesterday's jaunt took me to Portishead. I have never been there before, and it certainly isn't somewhere I would have accidentally ended up in. Looking at a map you will see that it isn't that far away from Bristol so you'd think it was a doddle to get to... not for paranoid old me! Essentially it's a case of cutting across Bristol and taking one road pretty much all the way there, and while I'm good with directions I like to have the satnav on just in case. I don't know how the rest of you react when using satnavs, in general I find I tell mine it's an idiot! Even if you don't know the exact way, you know the general direction you should be going in... so when my satnav instantly went in the wrong direction I was sceptical. I have ho