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Bigger Is Better.

Watching Doctor Who: Series 2 Serial 1: Planet Of Giants My synopsis: The sound of klaxons fill the air, not to worry thought... it's just one of those things, everything is fine. Everything is... well shiiiiiit, maybe not. Outside the TARDIS everything appear to be normal, apart from the giant dead earthworm, and the giant dead ant, and the giant poster of some plant, and the giant matchstick... wait a second! Occam's razor... they're at some sort of art installation. (Damn it, Ian!) Ian gets trapped inside a giant matchbox and is transported down the oversized garden to the patio. In the land of the giants there are discussions about a new insecticide, but due to it's highly deadly nature it is being rejected. This could mean great losses for the company and giant number one is shot dead by giant number two. The team are reunited and try to consider the next tiny steps they should take. But when a giant leg comes towards them they panic and scatter, a

The Simplest Solution To Sleep

After making my post about sleep , or the lack thereof, I've had a massive break through. I say massive... why don't I just tell you about it. I have been averaging about 4 hours sleep, give or take, for a long time. I was surviving somehow. But enough was enough. When I went to the doctors I mentioned it, and for me to do that it had to be bad. I'm incredibly stubborn in all health issues and I'm likely to leave it until it's much more complicated than it needed to be. Anyway... The first doctor suggested that I spend a week where I don't use an alarm. Wake up naturally and it might kick start my body into a better sleeping rhythm. So of course I tried that. I had a week off coming and figured it was worth a go. It did nothing. I actually slept less that week than I had done for months. Back to the doctors I went. The doctor had said if that didn't work then we'd try a week's worth of sleeping pills that would hopefully achieve some differen

Movies Of 2017 - September Recapped

I'm so unbelievably behind with posts at the moment, partly because I've actually had a social life, but mainly because I didn't realise that October had come around so quickly. So enough preamble from me, let's get down to the business at hand... what I saw on the big screen at Cineworld in September. --- The Limehouse Golem The community of Limehouse in Victorian London have been rocked by a series of murders. They have called the mudered the Golem, as only such a creature could have done these heinous acts. Elizabeth Cree, the music hall star, has been arrested for the poisoning of her husband John Cree on the same night as the last Golem murder. But when evidence is found by Inspector John Kildare that links John Cree to the murders, he sets about trying to solve both cases so that he might save Elizabeth from hanging for her crime. Their investigation leads them to an exclusive reading room at the library, and a book on the art of murder. Within it

The Reign Of Season 1

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 8: The Reign Of Terror My Synopsis: The gang have landed back home in England and the Doctor is cleaning the decks of unnecessary travellers. As he tries to kick them out of the door they realise that they aren't in England at all, it's France, and it's a little bit beheady out there. Ian, Barbara and Susan blend in so well that they get themselves arrested and taken to prison pending a neck re-adjustment. With spies and allies hiding in plain sight, everyone plays a big game of musical chairs and goes between wine drinking and imprisonment. Can the Doctor forge his own papers, in these pre-psychic times, and infiltrate the prison to secure everyone's release? A Land Of Fear Good bit of overacting from Susan right from the off there. Barbara and Ian aren't so enthusiastic about going back to their lives, it might be because they have this feeling that they're being shoved off the TARDIS PDQ. Or