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How To Survive Halloween

I'm notoriously bah hum bug about Halloween, mainly because where I used to live it was an excuse for "troublemakers" to cause trouble. The most sensible thing was to get home as quickly as you could and sit in darkness until the seasonal craziness switched to Christmas overnight. So the weekend is here again, what is a girl to do when faced with a few days of trying to avoid trick or treaters and drunk idiots in costumes? It will come as no surprise to you that I had a few thoughts! Films I don't enjoy horror films. And probably for the opposite reason that has popped into your head... I just don't find them scary. If I'm going to watch something in the horror genre then it's going to be funny. This can be films that were made deliberately funny, or ones that took themselves so seriously that they became funny. My top ten favourite funny horror movies The Addams Family - On bad days, Wednesday is my spirit animal. On fabulous days it's

Writing Prompts - The Beginning

I search for a lot of writing prompts online, and I thought it was about time I tried putting some together myself. So here are a couple, with some vague ideas I had for them. I like the idea that your body could some how pre-warn you that it was in danger, and give you enough time to try and fix it. Possibly it is specifically your eyes that have precognitive powers... not sure where that last idea came from! I'm almost certain that Santa needs a job outside of the Christmas season, and with that much insider knowledge he's bound to be useful to someone! I like the idea of a damsel in distress narrating the line of suitors trying to rescue her from the tower. None of them realise it, but she's not trapped, she's actually well trained and self sufficient, she just needs some light entertainment between training sessions. I hope you like these three, let me know if you use them, I'd be really interested in seeing the results.

Marvel-ous Day Out?

Nerds Assemble! Last weekend I got my nerd on. I was lucky enough to get a friend's plus one to go and see Marvel Universe Live at the O2 in London. Obviously, living in Bristol means that going to London is a bit of a trek, but everyone loves a road trip! My friend kindly offered to drive us up to Hayes and then we trained and tubed it into town. So our adventure was under way with some sunshine and some gossip. Putting the world to rights. Travelling in London I dislike trains with a passion. If I could get the bus everywhere easily then I would. But as long as someone is there to point me in the right direction then it's all good... unless of course you happen to go into London on a day when there are works on. While it's still possible to get around, it generally helps to have that information before you get half way through your journey. So a morning of bad or non-existent announcements and some unhelpful staff really wasn't a fun way to start the d