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I'm A Scary Monster... Grrr

I was surfing the web, procrastinating (as usual) when I read this... Neil Gaiman's top ten movie monsters . I can't make a list of the scariest monsters as most monsters I don't really find scary at all. So we'll just have to go with a list of my favourite monsters. Gaiman did have some good choices in there, we had two in common but the rest of mine are a little more on the tame side! These carnosaurs were in a movie series called Primal Species. They were not particularly scary... mainly hilarious. You have to watch the movie, in a spectacular bit the carnosaurs are roaming round a warehouse being tracked by military personnel... watch carefully, I'm fairly certain you can see one scene where a man in wearing a carnosaur suit. Eugine Tooms , has always been my favourite X-Files x-file. Human yes, but with stretchy limbs I'm fairly certain we can count him under the monster category. There's something about his generally creepy nature that m

Reading Up A Storm

I was going through my iPad trying to find something to read and realised I had 24 partly read books on there. And that's just the eBooks, I dread to think how many physical books would fit that category. I've listened to a couple of Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl audio books, I'm not going in to the debate on whether it's technically reading... as long as you're enjoying writing then that's all that matters. If I'd read the actual books I wouldn't have managed to read that many. I can listen to them on the way to and from work, and luckily I can listen to them at work as well. Since I moved to Bristol I've managed to listen to all of the Harry Potter books, I've got one more Artemis Fowl to go. I was highly confused by Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy... I think that one really needs to be read, it'll certainly mess your head up a lot less. I listened to Jurassic Park, unfortunately an abridged addition which was very disappoint

I Will Survive

I love a bit of TV and movie nonsense. Nothing is more nonsensical than things that happen in movies. I've already done a post called My Life As An Action Hero , but here are some top tips I've picked up about how to survive in the movies... The Beauty and the Beast theory . When inanimate objects start moving, so should you... for the door. Bedtime . You've locked yourself in the house and checked the house. There's no sign of the killer so you go to your bedroom and decided to sit in the foetal position on your bed until the sun comes up... but did you check under it? Be fabulous . Pretty much the only way to ensure survival is by being gay. Be on guard . Congratulations! You've made it with five minutes of the film to spare... but it's not over until it cuts to the credits. Be-wary . If someone is out of sight of the group for anything longer than 30 seconds [although if you're cautious any amount of time will do] be sure to keep an eye out for a