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The Million Pound Question

So what would you spend £1,000,000 on if you had it? A house? New car? Luxury holiday? What if you only had a weekend to spend it all in? You can't give it away and you can't have anything to show for it at the end. No matter what I looked for I couldn't spend enough money... who has ever said that before!? I looked at shopping sprees in Harrods and Fortnum & Masons for perishable goods. Bottles of Perrier-Jouet Belle blah blah blah for £2,400 a pop. Patchi chocolates £200. Beluga Caviar £630 for 100g, I've never even had the stuff don't think I'd eat it, just open it and annoy some posh person. A leg of Iberico Bellato ham could be about £2,000. But even if I brought a small army I'm not even making a dent. So I went bigger. That's when I saw a website with private dining... and there was my key... private everything. "Renting" out a place for a private function. So... and these are only estimates... paying highest price on the

The Year Of The Shelfie

So last year was the year of the selfie, so this year really should be the year of the shelfie. I'm sorry my shelfie isn't the best but she thinks she looks fat from the front! [And there's a bed in the way hampering my photographic genius!] I never think that shelves should just be for one thing, I like having a surprise when I go to mine and suddenly realise, " that's where I put that!" So as a quick guide to my shelves... clutter. On the far end at the top we have the first lot of DVDs. When I moved I couldn't take my entire collection intact. So about 2000 of my DVDs are in metal storage cases under my bed minus their cases. So only my favourites [and any new ones obviously] have made it onto the shelves. The top shelf is films and comedy. Under Siege set, Lethal Weapon set, Last Holiday, The Condemned, Demolition Man... the list goes on. You get a little split with Harry Potter audio [Stephen Fry version, the only way to listen!] and then you

It's The Little Things

Today was going to be a very bad day. That was until one little thing happened that restored my faith in humanity. [Just a little bit of faith, there are still a lot of idiots out there doing damage!] I was waiting at the bus stop on my way back to work, my bus pulled up and there was the inevitable jostling for position. An older guy near me stepped in front of people trying to push past and said the simplest thing... "after you." It brightened my morning to meet someone who was polite and certainly in this instance a gentleman. Just goes to show you that even the smallest of gestures can lift someone's entire day.

Google Plus Reviewing

So I've been investigating Google+ and some of the features of my profile that I barely use. I wrote a couple of vague reviews, one detailed one and some positive blandly worded ones to combat some dubious comments by others. I'm no amateur at this though. I want people to know what reviews I've left because I like to know who leaves reviews myself. If I find someone who had the same opinion about a place as me they might have some other top tips for places to go. It's a great way to pick new restaurants, but you just need to remember, the sensible thing to do it never own up to a restaurant review when you leave less than three stars. Feel free to leave an "it was okay" review, they're usually "I enjoyed it but [insert small area of improvement here]". "I liked it" reviews are my bread and butter reviews, if I'd go there again with friends they get a four, they don't really need any improving apart from tiny things that

Things I Learnt From "Tomb Of The Dragon Empire"

I love movies. I love TV. I also love ridiculous things. Especially if they happen in the aforementioned programming. Watching "Tomb Of The Dragon Empire" the other day there were three things I wondered about. If you have something that is deadly to humanity and should never be read, why would you keep a hard copy "hidden" somewhere? This seems awfully reckless when the fate of humanity is at stake. It's not like there's an easy way to encode it. There's always someone who can read a language or break an encryption, and they're usually easily kidnappable nerds with a weak will for keeping that knowledge under wraps. The next thing seemed a bit of an obvious one, but... according to this film I'm wrong! If someone is shooting at you in a direct line you'll want to run in a straight line. There was silly little me thinking that the most sensible thing would be to step out of the path of the bullets! My last little nit-pick... If your par