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"Facts" From The Internet

Passing time reading random "facts" on the internet can be a good and a bad thing. Mainly because who knows which ones are actually true! The last one I read was... There are at least 100 random people with photos of you standing in the background. I love that as a thought. I just hope I wasn't doing anything embarrassing! Would it be good to see any of them? Everyone looks so much more natural and photogenic when it's unexpected. That truly beautiful stunning picture of yourself could be out there somewhere. Hidden in someone's photo album. Stuck in the space that is the iCloud. Turned in to a photobomb meme. I find I'm enjoying trying to imagine the pictures, but I honestly don't think I'd want to see them.

Underground Overground

While on a train journey yesterday I was reading a book about the underground. As you do. I came across this and just loved it. I had my first experience of Hades to-day, and if the real thing is to be like that I shall never again do anything wrong. I got into the Underground Railway at Baker Street. I wanted to go to Moorgate Street... the smoke and the sulphur fill the tunnel, all the windows have to be closed. The atmosphere was a mixture of sulphur, coal dust and foul fumes from the gas lamps above; so that by the time we reached Moorgate Street I was near dead of asphyxiation and heat. I should think these Underground railways must soon be discontinued, for they are a menace to health. From the diary of R. D. Blumenfeld, 1887 I just thought it was a fantastic way to describe it. When I started reading the book I'd never really stopped to think about what the underground was like before the first time I'd ever ridden on one. As I got further in to the book I was amaze

Begin At The Beginning

I wonder if people ever get sick of making new years' resolutions? I'd be interested in finding out what the statistics were on people actually following through with them. So blah blah... this year I will... in no specific order. - Check my tyre pressure and other car related things at least once a month. This comes from the discovery that one of my tyres was horrendously flat... I went out and checked them in the driving wind and rain. This will not happen again! Once a month in fair weather! - Do something cultural once a month. I'm going to go outside the comfort zone once a month. And by comfort zone I mean... my local area! Already got some on the cards. Strangers On A Train in January. I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue in February and La Boheme in March. Plus some other smaller events. Just fun things, museums and trips to different places. - Learn some more new recipes. This year I did a few, I love cooking but don't for various reasons.