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On The Outsider

Score one for being super organised. for months I've had a ticket stuck on my fridge door... and after all that time I nearly forgot about it. It's all very well being really organised but it does help if you remember when you're actually going! So Saturday saw me taking a trip to Colston Hall in Bristol to see Sarah Millican's show Outsider. It's a lovely venue and I'll definitely be booking tickets to see something else there. There's nothing quite like being serenaded by a three piece band when you walk in the door. The crowd was what you'd expect... I'm not being judgemental, after all I'm about to tar myself with this brush too... barely anyone under the age of 30, groups of women or couples and small clusters of gay men. My kind of people. We're not rowdy, we don't do raucous behaviour... we generally only do laughing until we're worried we might pee a little. Although there was an anecdote about one of her crowds getting

Hello Moto(way)

Travelling between Bristol and London means a long straight 100 mile (or so) stretch of motorway... nothing to do but drive and contemplate the deeper meaning of life... or sing along to the radio. The weather was fantastic and it was noticeable that everyone was driving with a little more verve than usual, and that got me thinking about those unwritten rules of the roads. Our very own highway code that we've all just learnt from experience. As my journey went on I kept thinking of more and more things that we just expect to happen, and when they did I did the typically British thing of tutting in my car, and/or shouting at the car violating the rules with no hope of them hearing me. So I thought I'd give you a run down on some of the top ones that I encountered today. I'm also going to throw in a few tips on how to make the journey bearable... in no particular order of course! Dreaded slow inclines - Coming round the M25 there is a stretch of motorway at R

Flying To The Theatre

Last night I went to the theatre with nine people I'd never met before. Possibly one of the most random things I've done in a while. Long story short I was pimped out by a friend for social events. But as it turns out I'd have missed something truly amazing had I not gone. Another first for me in Bristol, first trip the the Bristol Old Vic. It's a lovely quaint theatre with such wonderful little touches that I couldn't help but smile. Thread bare carpets as you walk through to your seats that make you wonder who has walked there before you. But possibly my favourite thing to do in a theatre... the complete opposite of the carpets... look up when you're in your seat. Why is the ceiling always so beautiful? I'm sure there's a reason for it but if I spend my time Googling it I'll never get this written. The last thing that I'll say about the décor in the Old Vic is the picture on the right... Original 18th century seating. There's not a chance