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Inside The Lair Of Doctor Shadow: A Villain & Home Exclusive

Some of you might remember Doctor Shadow from his heyday of evil villainy. After nearly 20 years dedicated service to his evil ways, Doctor Shadow took a well deserved break from his arch enemy status to pursue his dream to become a family man. Sadly it was not to be. It turns out that the evil women he had always desired while he was hatching his next evil scheme were fiercely independent and not looking to settle down. So he did the next best thing, he adopted a son and moved to the country. Over the years Doctor Shadow taught his son the simple evils of life, not to indicate while driving, always taking the last of something without asking. Those little things that make an evil family smile together. Now that his son has gone off to university, Doctor Shadow has decided to get back into the villainy, and he's granted us the first look at his new bespoke lair. For obvious reasons we can't show you where it is on the planet, but we can tell you that is sits upon a magnif

Curiouser And Curiouser

There's always something fun to be had in the peculiar and curious. Having just finished London Curiosities by John Wade , I can happily say that this book proves my point. I'm honestly surprised that I knew very little of what was mentioned about London considering my penchant for pointless facts and things that make you go "reeeeeeeeeaaaallly?" One of the things I liked was that we're told the myth and local lore behind some of the oddities. But we're also quickly reminded that little, if any, is provable. It's nice to get the insight into the local area and the local people who probably came up with some of the fanciful ideas. I can almost see an old geezer sitting in a tavern/inn/pub, supping on his pint, regaling some out-of-towners with his idea of how the curio got there, as if it were fact. And that image does make me smile. I did have a little niggle about the book, a couple of times areas/monuments are brought up in a later section, a

Head Games by Craig McDonald, Illustrated by Kevin Singles

Bud Fiske is sent to do a profile of Hector Lassiter, larger-than-life crime writer. In a cantina, the pair find themselves face to face with history... literally. On the table between them is the head of Pancho Villa, and the prospect of a deal worth eighty grand. It sounds like easy money... take the head to a guy. But such a legendary piece of history is never going to be traded that easily. Gun, girls and car chases ensue "on the road to hell with a trunk full of skulls". --- I saw this on Netgalley, I'm always looking for new graphic novels, and the description of this one jumped out at me. That being said, I don't think this was what I expected it to be from the description. Noir, pulp fiction, whatever you want to call it, this book falls squarely in that genre. This is the first time I've ever read anything in that area, which is surprising considering I love crime fiction in general. But I have watched a lot of it... does that count?!