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Well Done!

Well done Windows 8 you have made me look like a complete computer novice... why must you be so complicated? And why must the people that try to help be so unhelpful? Not their fault but everything I googled had a precise and detailed answer... the only problem was that if, like me, you are using Windows 8 for the first time and looking for basic instructions you don't know or understand where any of the things you are describing are! *takes a breath* If I'm honest I'm a little frustrated. I'm three hours in and having set everything up I'm trying to arrange it in some kind of logical order... I just took a break and thought I'd play a game... even that's not simple though! Lots a sites say "it's okay you can swap to a windows 7 style view" yes you can but why did you spend the money buying Windows 8 when you aren't using any of the features?