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DIY Efforts - Kitchen, The Professionals

So, you know me, glutton for punishment. After having my bathroom redone by B&Q's Homefit team I was on a high... or possibly just high (I joke, I wasn't), because I then arranged to have my kitchen done too. I was fully prepared to live with the nightmare, but thankfully I have an awesome mum and dad! I won't bore you with the previous pictures again... you can whizz over and see them here if you have the urge > DIY Efforts - Kitchen . Here's the current state of affairs this morning... Pre-job Clearing I love a good procrastinate... and I'm damned good at it. The only problem is that the procrastination was only part of the problem. I've been so exhausted recently that finding the energy to clear stuff out was most of the battle. This morning (Day 1), I spent two hours doing the last of it... and I feel like I've done a hardcore workout. My Fitbit is telling me I've already done 2000 steps which is already beating two or three

Eurovision 2017 | Ukraine

Celebrate Diversity There was a bit of a dilemma this year, I was running the risk of missing the final. So as a precaution I've been watching the semi-finals with my grand final scorecard. I have to wonder about the choice to not have any totty presenting. The second semi where they play the piccolo and the accordion... well... what can I say? But the group were amazing... at this point I haven't seen the Ukrainian entry, but I'd have voted for this lot. And they did my favourite song, Fairytale. As a general observation, there are a lot of teeth this year. Finalists Armenia - Fly With Me Please stop the jumpy camera angles! Another perfectly fine song, but that's all I can really say about it... apart from I would like a pair of her trousers. But not spectacular. Australia - Don't Come Easy X-Factor winner. Should be good. They love treadmills this year! He must be talented and he hasn't missed a beat, but it's not a showstopper. Oh no

8 Things You Notice When You Live In Bristol

It has been two and a half years since I moved to Bristol. It wasn't all smooth sailing, I lost some sanity somewhere near the beginning, but it's vaguely come back now. At first it was just a place I was living in, now it truly is a place I'm living in. (Same word I know, tricky, just think about it again... it took me a while and I wrote the damn thing!) Anywhere new is always a daunting challenge, there's so much that is different. After a while though, you realise that those differences are both good, and bad. It's never quite like the home you knew, but that isn't actually a bad thing. Bristol in my opinion is London-Lite. It's a bustling place with lots going on but without the hassle of London. Yes you still get the people in a rush, and the slow walking tourists, but everything is just a little bit more laid back than Londoners are used to. Part of me thinks that it's because you can't go anywhere in Bristol without hearing music,