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DIY Efforts - Bathroom

Now.., all my other DIY Efforts have been of my own doing, or with the assistance of family and friends... but for this one I'm cheating a bit! With no plumbing skills to speak of, it was just sensible to get someone with expertise to do it. My bathroom isn't exactly the biggest space, it is basically just over a bath length square, so there's no room for anything too extravagant. As you know, I always take before and after shots... but as this is a week long, more detailed change than most of my endeavours I've been getting sneaky between photos when I can. I can't remember if I ever put up pictures of the bathroom from when I moved in, so I'll add a couple for your... enjoyment..? Blue walls... a colour that should never be found in the world... ever. It was a truly blinding colour first thing in the morning when the artificial lighting hit it. Something like a dark sky blue. Some shell shaped fittings... I'm honestly surprised that the toilet seat