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How To Have The Perfect Bath

Everyone needs to know how to relax. I've already told you how to have the perfect do nothing day , but recently the perfect bath has been on my mind. You'll have seen some of of my DIY attempts, unfortunately though, I'm not capable of installing a bathroom, so I've been designing it online and have since booked to have one installed. What I miss in life is a decent bath, so my only stipulation was that I wanted a big bath. My dream bath has enough room for my shoulders to actually get submerged without sacrificing the warmth of my knees or feet, room to actually move about a bit without feeling pinched, and Jacuzzi bubbles. Did you know that you can now get baths that have massages jets, multi-coloured lights and Bluetooth speakers in them?! But where was I? Oh yes, the perfect bath... Just like with our do nothing day, you'll need to do some prep... because trust me, no one likes getting out of a hot bath before they have to. The Prep: Everyone hates c

Movies of 2016 - Recapped!

So one of my non-New Year's resolutions was to see at least half of my to watch films of 2016. Out of 31 on the list I have already seen 19, plus some that appeared out of nowhere after I did the original. I dread to think how much that cost me in tickets, popcorn and slushies. Thankfully the last few months have been aided by my Cineworld Unlimited card, so that helped a bit. 5th Wave Never got round to this. I think partly because I wanted to read the book first, and partly because in the end I really didn't enjoy the trailers. Dad's Army This one was a good laugh, surprisingly. The casting was good, and even though it was ridiculous, it wasn't any more ridiculous than the show. Deadpool Well you know I loved this one... take a look at my waffle on my previous post . Get my some chimichangas and put the DVD on! Pride & Prejudice & Zombies I was always going to see this, it was high on the must see list... read my post about what I tho

How To Survive A Christmas Holiday

I have to say, when I started seeing Christmas things hitting the shelves, I, like a lot of you sighed... walked down the aisle, picked up a seasonal tub of mini cheddars and went about the rest of my regular shopping. (By the way, am I the only one who wants those crinkly mini cheddars back? There must be a petition somewhere.) On December 1st, the date that everyone generally accepts as the official time for Christmas, that all changed. I got up early and headed to the office where I put up our tree and bedazzled desks with tinsel. I took just an hour of my time with some precarious clambering on tables, but it definitely kicked off my Christmas spirit. At that point I'd also basically finished my Christmas shopping and I'm now supremely skint until next pay day... next Friday... not that I'm counting down the days. Unfortunately it feels like most of my festivities are going to be saved for the office. There didn't seem like much point in putting up a tree

Legendary Reading

I haven't had the urge to read a book in ages... that was until I saw The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly on Netgalley. I'll admit, I was going into this book biased, I love Matthew Reilly novels. This one just confirmed that feeling. So this one is in the Jack West series, and my horrible realisation is that I had missed one in the series. Yes I know they're numbered and it should be easy to follow them... but I still missed one! So I have no idea what happened in the last book. Honestly though I don't think it meant I lost anything when reading this. Jack West Jnr wakes, head shaved, alone and very confused. As if waking up and not knowing how he got to wherever he was wasn't enough, now he's being charged at by something that's half man, half bull. What sort of dream was this? And if it wasn't a dream, was it a nightmare? The fifth greatest warrior had been kidnapped, and brought to this mysterious place... and he wasn't