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Year In Focus

Every year I take a look back at what's happened over the last twelve months. This year hardly seems worth it, evidently I've done nothing of any consequence. It actually made me a little sad to realise that I'd gotten all the way to December without a real, personal, event. I've decided the only way to do this is to look back at the fun events, at least there were lots of those! So there were lots of outings, not all entirely cultural! We saw Micky Flanagan, Bill Bailey, a midnight showing of The Worlds End [rather a disappointment but never mind!]. Slightly more on the cultural side I went to see my friend in concert with the local orchestra, Last Night Of The Proms and a couple of others, then there was a concert at Glyndebourne that we barely managed to stay awake through. Technically this was at the end of the year before but I joined a gym... I went a lot... then I went a lot less. I'm still going for the next month but I'll spare you the mini rant abo

Bridge Of Sighs

I don't always know what I'm going to write about, the below came from a friends writing assignment and an idea of tragedy coming from something that was inexplicably involved in it. I wonder why they do it sometimes, I watch them as they look over the edge at the abyss below. Maybe the rippling water calms them, the slow movement makes them think peace is at hand. I wont forget their faces as they go, almost a smile, like their cares are gone. At that moment I wonder if they suddenly wonder why they've done it, did they really need to do it? By nature I'm a cold hearted thing, steel and bolts, designed to be strong. How can I be strong when those around me are not? They come to me for support, but ultimately I let them down. Every day people linger. I will them to move on, there's nothing here for you. Nothing. I'm trying to help them but at the same time being selfish, I don't want to watch, unable to help. I was built with such a noble purpos

My Life In A Video Game

Stop trying to finish the whole game and use the cheat codes.

Letters To The Editor

I'm writing to you because I'd like to dispel some of the rumours that have been circulated about my species. As a chupacabra I have a great sense of pride about what we have achieved over the years and I'm disappointed that all that is being demeaned by rumours. Firstly our name, and I think that this just goes to show how wonderful the variations in the English language are, as well as unfortunate. Chupacabra to you means goat sucker, how the distinction came into play I don't know but in our dialect it actually means goat herder. This came from our original working nature in the hills herding the wild goats. We were protectors to them in the perilous environments, over the years they have adapted and are much more sure-footed on the rocky terrain. As for our appearance, we are not alien like, we can only assume this came from the science fiction films at the time of our experimental integration. We are essentially a breed of hardy dog. Our skin is not scal

The Door Closes

He woke up. Where was he? How did he get here? His head throbbed, instinctively a hand shot to the pain which only lead to more pain. As his eyes acclimatized to the room he saw a shadowed shape across the room, also laying on the floor. There was no visible movement. Quick, workout what happened. It was too dark to see the details but he could feel stinging on his arms, there was a struggle. His knuckles ached, he must have got at least one good shot in. He could smell perfume. Wait. He'd been in his car, why was he in his car? Why was it such a blur? He inhaled again, and this time he remembered. As fast as his body would let him he scrambled across the cold floor to the shadow that lay there. As he bent closer he could smell the perfume, and now he could see the blonde hair tumbling into the dirty puddles. She was breathing calmly for now, when she woke up that wouldn't be the case. There was a tiny amount of light coming into the room, he looked towards it and saw a pat

Well Done!

Well done Windows 8 you have made me look like a complete computer novice... why must you be so complicated? And why must the people that try to help be so unhelpful? Not their fault but everything I googled had a precise and detailed answer... the only problem was that if, like me, you are using Windows 8 for the first time and looking for basic instructions you don't know or understand where any of the things you are describing are! *takes a breath* If I'm honest I'm a little frustrated. I'm three hours in and having set everything up I'm trying to arrange it in some kind of logical order... I just took a break and thought I'd play a game... even that's not simple though! Lots a sites say "it's okay you can swap to a windows 7 style view" yes you can but why did you spend the money buying Windows 8 when you aren't using any of the features?