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The Aztecs

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 6: The Aztecs My Synopsis: The TARDIS manages to land herself in an Aztec reverse locked room puzzle, and the gang find themselves almost instantly separated from her. But Barbara, having stolen a fancy piece of jewellery before being locked out, has been mistaken for a reincarnation of the high priest Yetaxa, and yet gain found herself dolled up in fancy clothes being waited on hand and foot. Despite her knowledge of history she thinks that she can change the way Aztecs lived on earth, and decides to start a campaign to stop the human sacrificing. It's a less than popular idea and the locals begin to think she might be a false god. The Temple Of Evil I'm feeling good about learning things from this serial. And the first few minutes don't disappoint. I can't help but notice that Susan has yet again managed to put her foot in it... this time getting Barbara "captured" by the Aztecs. Alth

8 Things For A Better Night's Sleep

How I haven't hit insanity yet I do not know. I tend to sit very close to the line, but as yet I haven't stumbled over it. This post isn't directly about my mental health though, although the contents does eventually start to contribute. Photo by  Jonathan Fink  on  Unsplash This time I'm on about good old fashioned sleep... forty-winks, hitting the sack, zonking out. I remember the days where I'd come home feeling a little tired, sit myself down to relax and almost instantly fall asleep. I'd sleep from 6pm to 6am, bounce out of bed and feel like I'd kicked my body back into gear. These days though that isn't how that scenario goes. Anywhere from 7pm-11pm I'll go to bed and lay there for an hour or so before actually managing to fall asleep. I'll then toss and turn all night, waking up each time, before the alarm goes off at 6.15. Then anytime from 9am I'll start yawning and wishing I was still in bed. The National Sleep Foundatio

More Writing Prompts

I always kind of hoped that eating too much cheese would have some kind of benefits. What if your good luck at escaping accidents was something slightly more sinister? Being immortal is going to be a bit of a problem if you're one of the world most popular trendsetters.

Super Sons Volume 1: When I Grow Up (Rebirth) A Review

Super Sons Volume 1: When I Grow Up by Peter J. Tomasi. Published by DC Comics. Out 17th October 2017! Synopsis: Superboy (AKA Jonathan Kent) and Robin (AKA Damian Wayne) make their debut in this new graphic novel that collects Super Sons issues 1–5. The two boys long to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. But when the Bat tells Robin he can’t join him on a mission he goes in search of his own, and he’s taking Superboy with him. With Robin’s intel, the dynamic duo go in search of security footage that will help them track down their very own villain… but all doesn’t go quite to plan. At least, I’m fairly sure that flinging Superboy off the side of a building wasn’t quite what the plan entailed. Even so, they manage to secure the footage and find their next clue. Even with the bickering the pair manage to stick together and find the lair of Kid Amazo. Infected with the Amazo virus created by Lex Luthor, Kid Amazo has lost the hero values that his family had… now he wants so

The Keys To A Good Episode

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 5: The Keys of Marinus My Synopsis: The gang arrive on Tracy Island, where the landscape is made of glass. Susan get separated from the group when she managed to melt one of her shoes in the sea of acid and has to pop back to the nearest Clarks for a replacement pair. Eventually they all meet back up at the giant pyramid and find Arbitan, keeper of the keys... but he's so good at his job that he needs someone to go and get the other four back for him after he hid them in a global game of hide and seek. With the TARDIS taken hostage they must retrieve the four keys, and any waifs and strays they find along the way, so that Arbitan can mind control everyone into being good again. The Sea of Death We're greeted with an island of lush... what I'm going to assume is green... foliage surrounding an oddly patterned pyramid. The sea doesn't look like it carries death, as the title suggests, but then I have a sneaking s

Everything Must Go

I didn't realise how bad it had gotten. There was no getting away from the crushing routine. One dead end disaster averted, and I thought everything would be fine. But that same heavy feeling crushing my soul. It left me helpless. It left me numb. The same feeling I thought was gone. Bubbling in the background. A fleeting reminder of what used to be, risen to the surface, but... still the chipping diminishing me. Is there anything left to let go? The chips become fissures. I slide ever closer. Realising something needs to change. Can't pretend like one thing would fix it. It's time to re-plaster these cracks. My life is a yard sale, and everything must go.

Marco... Polo!

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 4: Marco Polo Here we are, Marco Polo, the first entirely lost episode of Doctor Who. It's a shame in more ways than one, having looked at the pictures of the episode I really would have like to have seen all the costumes in action. In this escapade the gang lands in 1289 with a completely buggered ship. Luckily they manage to hitchhike a ride with Marco Polo as they travel the Silk Road to visit his chum Kublai Libre. One of the group is hell bent on assassinating Chaka Khan in Peking, and attempts to sabotage the caravan along the route are thwarted. As if that wasn't bad enough, the gang has to retrieve the TARDIS from Minty Polo, who repurposes it when he realises that he's forgotten a gift for KHAAAAAAAN! The Roof of the World I've got a lot more admiration for the theme now I know how it was made. So the last episode saw the giant foot print outside the TARDIS. "The sun has melted the edges and made it look

The Edge of My Seat

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 3: The Edge of Destruction I'm feeling a little ripped off at this point that The Edge of Destruction is only two episodes long, but I'm reliably informed it's this way because it was filling in the schedule. So I'm intrigued to see how this one works. The Doctor clearly hasn't RTFM, and when he tries to repair the faulty navigation circuit he manages to cause an explosion that knocks the gang out for a bit. For some reason this causes some temporary and very random memory loss, with a side effect of minor homicidal rage. Fearing the worst, that Ian and Barbara have some how learnt how to work the TARDIS in their brief stay, and are deliberately sabotaging it to get back to 1963, the Doctor throws around some wildd accusations and then drugs everyone. After some time, and some serious next level detective work from Barbara (honourary member of the Scooby Gang), they work out that the TARDIS is actually trying to warn th

Valerian And The City Where 3D Sucks

Open scene on me pootling to Cineworld after work to see a 3D screening of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. After a kerfuffle when I was supposed to see this on Tuesday I switched tack, for my sanity, and went for a different showing. This was going to be a fairly niche film, it's not quite Avatar enough to be super popular, but after seeing the trailers I would think it would entice a few sci-fi fans to take a trip to see it. So I was a little surprised at how empty the screen was considering it was its second day on release. Here's my advice to you all... and I'm going to underline this for effect...  do  not  watch this film in 3D ... Generally I would only see films in 2D, unless it was an epic blockbuster extravaganza, but as this showing coincided with me getting out of work, and with 3D tickets now not costing me any money, I decided to see it. The story of Valerian is a good one. We open on Mül, a idyllic place of peace and a simple life. Bu

Movies of 2017 - July Recapped

I've been abusing my Cineworld Unlimited card so much that I decided it would be better to expand my movie updates to doing one a month. This month I saw seven movies and have progressed to the magnificent black Unlimited card (although it still hasn't turned up yet). I have been enjoying the magnificent new flavour of Tango Iceblast... Peachy cream soda... I know, exciting times! Anyway, less of that, more waffle about films... --- The House It was a beautiful day in June as I strolled through the streaming sunshine... to go and sit in the cinema. I know, I know, I should have been enjoying the mysterious yellow thing in the sky. As it turns out though, I prefer sitting in the dark with a raspberry slushie. I skipped seeing The House on Friday because of the hoards of people at the cinema, so that was today's selection. Scott and Kate have been looking forward to sending their daughter to college with a local scholarship, but when it is frittered away b