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Where's The British Summer?

It is a glorious day in Bristol today, too good. I set out to have another Shaun-y adventure but only got round to doing half of it. I actually had barely started and I already wanted to give up. I think the high was actually only 24, but it was a very challenging beginning. I'd intended to start at the Balloon Fiesta going via the Southbank Trail of Shauns, but had a last minute change. Never fear, there's always a bus nearby in Bristol... unless the driver is a git and tells you you're wrong, even when you're right. I really couldn't be bothered with having an argument with this guy who had instantly decided I was an idiot tourist. I ended up going back to my original plan of getting the Balloon Shuttle from the station. First time I've encountered a bad bus driver in Bristol. I queued up at the station and encountered some very friendly and efficient First staff. One guy was setting up the bus stand while another was selling the tickets. They were b

We're Going On A Shaun Hunt

Least sensible thing to do two days after twinging your back? Go on a two hour-ish walk? Nah it'll be fine! [Well, I am kind of regretting it now!] Today I managed to complete the Harbourside Trail. Unfortunately it wasn't entirely new scenery, as it was a significant amount of a walk S and I had done when he came down. I set off from the station and started with Shaun Bean... while the actual Sean is delightful, I thought the sheep of almost the same name was a little boring, he's essentially a giant mirror... maybe I'm just missing something design-wise!? Down to M-Shed for two more, The pirate was a little scary, maybe he was just angry he had somehow found himself next to a fenced off area for building works. I'd gone down to SS Great Britain before, but at that point we crossed the river and walked back down to town. The walk takes you round past Aardman Studios to see Lotus and then eventually you cross the river further down towards Clifton [I think, m

Fox Investigates: A Whiff Of Mystery by Adam Frost

I had so much choice with this one, I got a digital proof from NetGalley and a physical copy from Stripes direct. I'm glad I did get both, because this is one of the times where print stomps all over digital, but we'll come to that in a bit. If we play judge a book by it's cover you get debonair fox in Venice solving crime, some sort of cross between James Bond and Sherlock Holmes... Actually, by the end of the book that wasn't far off what I thought of Wily, there's maybe just a hint of Inspector Clouseau. To the story... Wily Fox is hired to help protect the next big scent in the perfume world after the creator has a mysterious break in. Wily and his suspects attend the unveiling of Smellissino, but they are incapacitated when the beautiful smelling perfume is swapped for something much more pungent. This time the robbers get away with a valuable and potentially dangerous item. Wily must set off for Venice to try and obtain the first piece of the puzzle. Je

The Things We Say While Watching... Jurassic Park

I was watching Jurassic Park the other day and wondered to myself how these characters actually manage to make it through an entire film, this turned the viewing into an entire conversation about the absurd things that happen. My first question is, why would you make a cage to transfer a dangerous dinosaur that requires it to be attached to the other cage and then someone manually lifts the gate from the top? I'm sure we had that sort of technology even back then, but if we didn't, why would you not lower the cage in with a crane then bring it out or just release it? What is that annoying little kid doing on the dig anyway? He deserves to get the crap scared out of him. I can't believe they don't know who Hammond is... would you not do some research on the guy who is funding your dig? When exactly did bank transfers come in instead of giant bags full of money? "We're going to make a fortune with this place?" Ha, haven't you watched the fi