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Hidden Beneath Part 2

So I put up the first part of this story and I had no real idea where it was going... I finished writing all but the last few sentences of this last night... The descent was long. Had I been paying more attention I might have noticed the signs. Or the lack of them. The steps down and the corridor they led to were blank, no identifying marks at all. The lights flickering across the ceiling gave an eerie tone to the corridor. We slowed. A door was coming into view. There was no handle on the door, just the tell tale outline and a mirrored window that we had a feeling was only see through from the other side. We were essentially in a dead end. We started methodically searching the area from the door back. About four foot back from the door there was an odd imprint on the wall. Shoulder height,a slight impression of a left hand in the sheeting of the wall. Instinctively I put my hand in it. An automated voice came from the direction of the door. “Familial match confirmed. Please fa

Bristol Bus Bonanza

I've always been a bus girl, a train will never be my top public transport option. I can't really put a finger on it specifically but I think it's mainly because I like being able to see what's going past outside the window. Getting used to a new bus system is surprisingly confusing when you've been so used to another one for ages. I have to say, as much as I'm a London lass at heart, so far I really do love the buses here. Everyone coming to Bristol should download the UK Bus Checker. I came across it before I moved and I use it everyday. I'm still working out all its features but it's very handy. Easy to use map, it even shows you in which direction the buses from the stop will be going. The buses in London have become very silent affairs now. All non-cash payments mean you don't actually have to interact with the driver at all. Here it's still very much a communing activity, they sell daily and weekly tickets [although I haven't quit

Hidden Beneath - Writing With Writer's Block

After some writer's block I searched for some writing prompts, I won't reveal the one that started this off because this is only the first part of the story... don't want to go ruining the suspense! I wrote the first part with no problem but the second is more challenging. I'm having trouble trying to get the right sort of atmosphere... hopefully soon though. --- Everything started to get better after the war. Bombs had destroyed a lot of the country, but my team and I were gradually getting it back. I don't think anyone had ever really considered what the world would be like if another nuke went off, but in the end we had to think it over really quickly. The war was over before I was born, the same goes for all my team. Our families were all closely involved in restoring the country, and as time wore on the job passed down to us. Gradually, as the ground had become less toxic, we'd worked our way across the scorched earth. What records weren't destroy

Moving With The Times

I've been a bit absent... I do have a legitimate reason... I have just moved across the country to Bristol. It has been a trying time but everything is mainly resolved. How people move all the time I don't know, I felt rather smug after my first move went fantastically well and I think this time it might have been the world balancing it out. To sum up... arranged flat ages ago, woman pulled out at last minute, I turned into a gibbering wreck, get an alternative flat a week before I need to move, flat is tiny, flat is filthy. I will admit that that is just the bad bits summed up there. I haven't seen much of Bristol yet but from car and bus windows it looks nice. We've driven round a few areas and I've been taking note of places to go online and from books. Going through Clifton was lovely, a comic book store and some good looking restaurants, there's definitely a trip up there on the cards. I'll have to go and find some of the street art too. Of course t