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In The Beginning

I was surfing Netgalley the other day and spotted a sampler for Dan Brown's new novel Origin ... of course I clicked on "read now". I was unfortunately only privy to the prologue and first chapter (out of 105 chapters I think), but that was better than nothing. It certainly leaves you with a good sense of what to expect in the rest of the book. With a two chapter sample it's very difficult for me to give you any spoilers whatsoever... Edmond Kirsch excelled in the tech world from an early stage, not just that, he excelled at knowledge. The last people you'd expect him to be meeting with are three of the world's leading religious figures. But that's exactly what he's doing behind the closed doors of the Library of Montserrat. What he's about to show them will change the very meaning of what they hold dear. Three days later. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Hundreds of guests are gathered in the most fitting venue for the tech giant's late

I Can't Make You Love Me

I've been following six word story on Twitter for a little while now. I get a glimmer of an idea from some of their tweets and I decided to do some quick writing exercises from them. I'm going to try and add a twist in, but it wouldn't be fair if I told you straight off. *wink* I can't make you love me. I've tried We cuddle together, and at first I feel like you do love me too. You're happy as I stroke your soft curves. Connected, contented. Then out of the blue you change your mind. You push away. I should leave you, but I want you to be close. But you lash out and words are exchanged. I won't learn from my lesson, I love you and I know you love me too. You nuzzle up to me when you think I'm asleep. I can feel your breath on my face when my eyes are closed. But when I open them you give me that look that secretly always makes me smile. But then you roll away. When I go to leave you hear me laying the suitcase out and you

I Sense They Got Something Rite

Watching Doctor Who: Series 1 Serial 7: The Sensorites My Synopsis: In a galaxy not so far away from the familiar, the gang manage to land on a spaceship that is orbiting a planet. They're instantly greeted by the lifeless bodies of two of the crew who have literally fallen asleep at the wheel. Once woken from their deep sleep we find out that the planet's odd inhabitants (or should that be Ood?) have been controlling their minds and won't let them leave. As Fry lacked the delta brainwave to be mind controlled, the TARDIS crew are also equip with primitive brains that can resist their would be captors,The Sensorites. The Sensorites come to the ship to try and earn a few quid washing the ship's windscreen, but after some awkward staring they decide the best thing to do it just break in and see what's going on. The gang try to find a way to defend themselves against this powerful foe. But what is their weakness? Could it be kryptonite? Or silver bullets? Luc

The Cat-Woman

So I look at lots of writing prompts, and have lots of ideas, but very rarely do I actually write anything from them. The other night I had a smidge of inspiration and wrote this based off the prompt above. At the bottom I've put some notes on what I was envisaging when I wrote it... enjoy..? --- I don't know if you'd call what I have a superpower or not. Hell, I don't even know if I have it or not yet. And to be honest I'm scared of finding out. Ten years ago when I was 15, four friends and I went to a country fair. After a while we got bored of walking around, and for a laugh we decided to go see the fortune teller. Everyone came out laughing saying it was ridiculous. When I came out I wasn't quite laughing. Well, I suppose I was, but it was more of a nervous laugh. Thinking about that afternoon now just makes me more nervous, but I'll tell you why in a second. When Kelsey went in I don't know what she was hoping to hear, but

Movies of 2017 - August Recapped

After such a successful month in July abusing my Cineworld Unlimited card, I knew I had to get an early start in. I'm a bit scared this month that I'm going to have to deal with a lot of stroppy parents and kids. *deep soothing breath* I'm sure it will be fine. [Dear Readers, it was not fine.] --- The Emoji Movie I decided to ease into August with The Emoji Film . Now, I went on to Rotten Tomatoes after seeing some talk online about it getting a zero rating. Currently it stands at 6% with the critics... what a bunch of party poopers. Gene lives in Alex's phone in Textopolis, a digital city where all the emojis live and work. When you've honed your emoji skill you can go and work in the cube, and be there for Alex every time he wants to send a message. Gene longs for that day, but there's one slight problem... Gene is a meh, and he's anything but meh. His parents are both experts at meh, and at his first day at work they're rather nervous.