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Home Is Where The Heart Is

So, I've been AWOL for a bit, my apologies, but I do have a good excuse. Last Saturday I moved to my very own home. Does this mean I have truly become a grown-up? I think I'll leave the growing up part for a little while at least. I still don't really feel excited about it... probably because I'm currently sitting on a sofa that's covered in a sheet surrounded by bags and boxes. There are many things about moving that I don't understand: How anyone manages to afford to buy a home, of any description, on their own. I have an average income but every month two thirds of that money goes on rent and bills and what's left is enough for food and transport. There was no wiggle room for saving, and if there was it would take an eternity to save up enough for a deposit. I'm truly lucky to have wonderful parents who a] didn't want to see me suffering in the pit of a flat I had to rent and b] had the forethought to actually have money saved. I am also l

Ladies, You Might Regret This

In the mornings I listen to Kiss FM, Charlie, Ricky and Melvin are hilarious and on more than one occasion I've laughed so hard I seriously considered pulling over the car "just in case". On their show they do a question of the day. The latest one was... The average woman begins to regret this 1 hour and 10 minutes after doing it... What is it? So... many... jokes... must... not... be... crude! Hmmm... time to contemplate a bit. Opening that second bottle of wine? Giving a guy their number? Eating a kebab on the way home from a night out? So many possibilities. The answer however was wearing high heels. Yep, agreed! That is how long it takes until you feel like your feet are going to fall off, or you wish that they would! I think it's a bit more complicated than that, I honestly think that feet have a mind of their own and really don't like being crammed into itty-bitty living spaces. That being said, I believe that an hour and 10 minutes is the time your

My Name is Emma, And I Have Never...

... eaten peanut butter. That was until this week. I had to phone my Mum and check because I found it ridiculous that I had never eaten peanut butter before. She pondered it for a moment and came to the same conclusion... it baffled me that I had never had it. Randomly something came up at work and I mentioned this... for a moment no one believed me, then they looked at me like I was the worst kind of criminal out there, like I had betrayed food somehow... and I felt like I had. A couple of days later a guy in the office walked up to my desk and deposited a jar of smooth and a jar of crunchy peanut butter... my lifetime omission could no longer be ignored. I polled the office and my friends on which was better and how I should have it. The consensus was toast, but which variety was a split, office said crunchy and friends said smooth. I brought my loaf of bread, toasted two slices and spread myself two taste test worthy slices. I discovered I already had a dislike for crunchy p