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A Grand Day Out At The Cinema

Last week Twitter was awash with debate about what would make more people go to the cinemas over staying home. For a while I had been pondering a post about similar things so I went back to it and did a little mash-up of the two. I don't know anyone that's perfectly happy with anything, so when asked the question there were a lot of different suggestions, some that clearly showed that people don't understand the differences between cinemas and movie studios, but some showed some promise. Photo by  Karen Zhao  on  Unsplash What the community wants There were some definite points of agreement: Prices A ticket to the movies is not cheap. Prices have gone up since I moved here, and are significantly higher than the £2.70 I remember paying when I was going in my youth. (Jeez how old am I, right?!) I had a look around. Everyman £13.80 Showcase £11.30 Cineworld £10.90 (£17.90 per month Unlimited membership, 12 months) Watershed £10 Odeon £5.75 (