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My Room 101, It's No Room With A View

My room 101 will be in the darkest recesses of the world... so somewhere near Croydon. Now... I was looking at a list of things that celebs have put in room 101 to get some inspiration... you know, just in case I had blocked something out of my mind for being too obnoxious. I saw pointless science on the list... it must stay out of the depths... I love it. Don't get me wrong, it is horrendously annoying that people get paid to research it but I love the way it makes me annoyed and I can have discussions with my friends about why scientists didn't just use common sense. My first choice is probably going to be reality TV programs . I have watched my fair share of Big Brother and X Factor type things, but I don't think I've ever been able to watch a whole episode without cringing. I hate watching other people's awkwardness. Why would you go on the sort of programmes that requires a talent if you don't have any? Why would you want to get locked in a house with a

One Wedding & Some Packing

Not quite as exciting as Four Weddings & A Funeral, but still very exciting. It has been a very busy few weeks that resulted in the joyous union of my best friend with the love of her life. I have never been so proud and happy to be part of something. It seemed like a million miles away, but all the excitement meant it snuck up quickly. I won't be a wedding bore. Needless to say it was a wonderful day. The bride looked beautiful in a stunningly petite dress... and the groom wasn't bad either! It was lovely to see everyone make such an effort, and despite my loathing of pictures there were some great shots. Once I was home I downloaded the photos I'd taken and loaded them on to Facebook. I didn't tag the happy couple so Facebook showed me the faces from the pics and asked me if I wanted to tag them... All of the clips were of the bride and groom... and every one of them was a beaming happy picture. If I could be even half as happy as them then my life would be