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So if you've clicked on my menu, that's me over on the left there... yeah, the happy-go-lucky looking one. You can sum up a surprising amount in that tiny little "about me" box on the side.

What a hideous description of a nerd. Or should I be a geek?

I think the definitions could do with a little tweeking, it's the age of the geek baby [as Hardison would say] we're taking back these words for the good of all nerd-kind.


I'm not exactly your typical woman. I don't really like shopping apart from the opportunity to people watch, I'd rather wear a pair of jeans than a skirt and I'm a much bigger fan of my trainers than heels. I like to scream at football matches and I like to be in charge of a barbeque. You're unlikely to find anything really girly on here, but if you like books, films, TV or random nonsense then hopefully you can find a little haven here.

I suppose this is where I give you some background on me. I lived most of my life to this point in South London, Croydon if we're being specific, Greater London if we're trying to get out of the shadow of Croydon! I loved it there for the most part. Now I'm resident and proud home owner in Bristol, a place of which I'm becoming a big fan.

As for what I do in my spare time it's a jumble of all sorts of things. Books, binge DVD watching, scribbling stories, searching for new recipes that I'll make a some point. So those and many other seemingly pointless endeavours are how I fill in my spare time.

Thanks for visiting,



For lack of a better place to put things, here's an example of some of the course I do when I get bored, in an effort to vaguely learn new skills:


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