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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

I don't know how many miles I've walked but it feels like a lot! At least the majority of places were flat today, I don't know how lucky I'm going to be for the rest of the week though. The Golowan Festival is on in Cornwall at the moment and we're just catching the end of it this weekend. So there were lots of stalls in the main high street and a parade. It's the first time I've known a parade to go down a street and then come back up again after it has done a loop. It basically meant that you had 15 minutes to get out of the parade route so that you could go about your afternoon. Here are a just a few pictures of the parade... So after spending two hours walking around the high street we came back to a pub for a quick drink and then I went off round the few local shops and picked myself up another pasty... When in Cornwall! There's veg in there so that definitely means they're good for me... definitely. So you think we

Cornish Craving

So I've hit Cornwall, walked the sea front and filled my lungs with sea air. I've already got the souvenirs to take home with me, might as well get that out of the way now... it'll either mean i have them to take home or eat when I get peckish! It only took me a couple of hours of being local to get the essentials... There was of course a stop off in the arcade to play on the 2p machines, we have so far discovered the wonders of winning tickets and the possible lousy prizes we can exchange them for. All of which adds to the traditional fun of a seaside holiday. We went to our favourite restaurant for dinner, The Meadery. It has been open for 50 years this year and Mum and Dad have been coming here for nearly 40 of them. It's always a fun atmosphere as it's set out like a medieval banquet hall but the thing that really sets it apart is the fact that people still recognise us. A waitress came over to chat and there was some reminiscing... some things mak

Training Day

As much as I dislike trains I can't deny that I'm getting better at them, I may even on some level like them now. You get to see so many things that you don't on a coach or in a car. Bath in particular always looks beautiful, and today I'm hoping to see a lot more sights as I head down to Penzance. I treated myself to a first class ticket as it worked out the same as driving it. Lovely large seats (if I had one quibble it would be that the seats are very slidy and when not expecting a corner I end up on the floor), free newspaper, bottle of water, apple juice and a pack of shortbread biscuits. Seeing the selection of people is interesting, suits, students and regular folk alike. Unfortunately a first class ticket does not guarantee manners and there's a distinct lack of Ps and Qs. I've put my headphones on to try and drown out some very loud conversation but so far it isn't working well. I may have to switch to something a bit more engrossing on

Art Of The Fall

"If you fall I will be there" - Floor I saw that on an ecard and have always kind of liked the idea. It popped back into my head when a friend showed me a video from her office CCTV. One of her colleagues is sitting at a high table, he's moving his things on the table and shifts slightly in his seat and falls flat out on the floor from his chair. Evil though it sounds... I have not laughed that hard in ages. I think it's the fact you can see the panic when he realises what is happening. Thank god for CCTV though because despite the amount of people in the room not a single person actually saw it happen. I don't think *touch wood* that since being a grown-up [you know... sort of] I have gone flying face first into the ground. I am a master of styling out a trip. I managed to style one out on Saturday in town. Famed for uneven paving I really should know better than to drag my feet when walking in London. I took the stumble with a little vocalisation, in this

Rules To Live By

We have flat rules up in our kitchen, not as extreme as Sheldon's roommate agreement, just amusing things. If anyone brings chocolate or sweets in to the building they become our property. All food cooked by us must be responded to with "oooo"s and "aaah"s and positive comments... regardless of its quality. There are lots of random ones but I'm thinking of the more practical life lessons I would really liked to have known before hand. 🚌 When travelling on the bus alone... always take the single seat behind the driver. If this is not available and you are capable of standing, do so in the corner of the wheelchair/pushchair space. If these options are not viable then choose wisely... an easily escapable space or somewhere you wont be spotted. There's always one crazy on the bus... and they will always try and make you their friend. 🛒 Supermarket shopping on a Saturday... only do it before 8am or after 7pm. No exceptions. The volume of loud children a

Reader's Choice

I came across an article about an article... the seemingly usual argument about books was the topic. Slate ran an article called "Against YA". The subtitle of the article was "read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you're reading was written for children." I'm not sure I understand how those words could come out of the mouth of a book person. Why should anyone feel embarrassed for reading? You shouldn't try to shame people into not wanting to read things that they enjoy. I read lots of young adult books, it's mainly for work, but there's no point denying that quite a lot of them are well written and entertaining. The article says that YA fiction is escapism and essentially designed for instant gratification. What's wrong with that? People get stressed and their brain needs a break... don't pick up that easy to read sci-fi book... pick up that "acceptable" literary novel that all the sensible people

It's My Way Or The Highway

For years I said I'd learn how to drive but never ended up doing it. There was never a need to, everything was just a bus ride away. After a while driving became a necessity, and being old it took me a while to get the hang of it. But... evidently you can teach an old dog new tricks. While I'm not precious about my car, I'm not going to take any crap from anyone in it. It's do as I say, not as I do. So there are unwritten rules in my car... although I may have to change that so that I can easily stop arguments. Although the international law of "shotgun" is commonly accepted... follow this link if you're unfamiliar... this is not the case in my car. I have declared it independent and therefore do not have to adhere to these rules... apart from the pirate clause, that sounds awesome. So to summarise, non-pirate seat quibbling - I will pick the least irritating person to sit next to me... this may mean you have to sit in the back even if you're the

I'm Booking This Month In Advance

Twitter this month has turned into a #bookaday festival. I'm trying to participate... even if they don't retweet my tweets!! Not bitter at all! They have a different book related question each day for everyone to answer. On the first it was your favourite book from childhood [Harvey Angell], best bargain on the second [most of the books I own to be honest], one with a blue cover on the fourth [Crisis on Infinite Earths] and today was least favourite book by your favourite author [the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson]. Some of the questions I just don't think I'll be able to answer, and others are just plain daft. It basically sums up at life-time of books in one months worth of one-liners. I thought I'd go for a few book memories rather than sticking to the list. I can't exactly remember what got me hooked on books, I think it was crime fiction. I always loved reading Minette Walters and James Patterson. Anything crimey really. At school I ha

A Fact Finding Mission

The hashtag #50FactsAboutMe is trending on Twitter... the worrying thing is that I can't tell if some of the facts that people have been putting up are real or fake... and that worries me slightly! I don't feel I can subject my Twitter feed to 50 things about me but you guys come here by choice... you'll learn! So where do I start? I prefer the pink marshmallows... Princess ones. I love the film The Last Holiday and it makes me cry every time I watch it. I love to be creative but have such a short attention span I'm lucky if I finish anything. My DVD collection is somewhere over 2200 DVDs at this point. My klout score is currently 51... I have no idea if that's good or not. I dye my hair black... I'd like to go electric blue but I'm a scaredy cat and I'm not made of money! I'm an excellent secret keeper. I can tell the difference between coke and pepsi. I have listened to Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry and Jim Dale, don't bother