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Movies To See In 2017

It's about that time again... to sift through the hundreds of movies coming out in 2017 and start planning how I'm going to afford all the popcorn that will be required! I don't know how I'm feeling about all the remakes I've seen... especially Sister Act, I'm really hoping that that one is a horrible horrible joke. I would assume that there are a lot of films that are due to come out that I won't have seen online, as with my 2016 list. But let's get started! January 20th: Split - James McAvoy looking particularly scary. M. Night Shyamalan, could go either way. 20th: Table 19 - Wedding comedy with Anna Kendrick, I enjoy both of those things! 20th: xXx Return of Xander Cage - Wait... isn't he dead? February 10th: The Lego Batman Movie - Another one that got an automatic slot on the list. Possibly the only time this year I won't be disappointed by a DC character. 17th: The Dark Tower - I'm nervous... Stephen King

A Little Foggy In Patches

Nine month's ago I wrote a post, "10 Ways To A More Positive Life" , and now seems like the right time to do a bit of a follow up. In the last week I've gone from feeling on top of the world to wondering why I bothered to get out of bed. --- I wrote those two sentences at about 7am this morning and then had to transition to playing Bejewelled on my phone laying face down on the sofa. I'm not even sure that I know what to write right now either, but I want to achieve something else today. Today is definitely a better day than yesterday. I did chores, I did some painting and I left the house. I went to the supermarket, more for some mild company than anything else. I usually love a shopping trip, mainly because I like the precision and order of organising things on the conveyor belt at the tills (Error 404: Life not found). But my brain wasn't in the game, even the woman on the till asked me if I was alright, I just went with the "I should probably