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Twas The Night Before Christmas...

... and all through the house, people were reading the Radio Times and working out what to watch on the TV over the festive season. I still haven't brought my Radio Times yet, I'll have to try and get one tomorrow... not that it's really needed... Disney, Superheroes, an abundance of kids films, ridiculously long soaps and Doctor Who (possibly the only thing worth watching these days). I remember having a list as long as my arm to record, but the last few years "normal" TV channels leave a lot to be desired. So here's my favourite episodes and films that you should watch if you want some Christmas cheer. Vicar of Dibley - Christmas Dinner: I think this is probably my favourite TV Christmas special. In general VoD is great but this one fills me with joy every time I watch it. Geraldine being the kind soul that she is agrees to having dinner at a parishioners house, a second invitation causes a problem, but the guilt of turning someone down snowball

How To Have The Perfect Do Nothing Day

Today I was reminded that not everyone knows how to relax. Some people have so much on their plate that they don't know how to maximise time to chill out and enjoy a do nothing day. So for those of you who are looking for enlightenment, or those of you who are simply looking to hone your skills, here are my top tips for a complete relaxation optimised day. NOTE : You can't just enter a do nothing day halfheartedly, to do it properly you need to commit and pre-plan the essentials. So where should you start? Here are my top tips for what needs to be done in the... Run up to a do nothing day Snacks : During the week when you go to the supermarket pick up some essential munchies. Remember to make it a variety because you never know what might take your fancy. Go for savoury and sweet [together if you're so inclined... sweet and salty popcorn is awesome, as is salted popcorn with a side of peanut M&Ms], crisps, ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, pastries, fruit [i