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Dear Justice League | Book Review

Fans get to ask their favourite heroes... Does Superman make mistakes? Does Hawkgirl eat small mammals like actual hawks do? All the important questions that you've always wondered about. This is the first title I've seen from DC Zoom, DC's newly launched imprint for middle grade graphic novels, and I have to say my first impression is that I can't wait for more. Dear Justice League is written by Michael Northrop, author or the Tombquest series, and illustrated by Gustavo Duarte. Sadly I only got a 36 page sampler of this one but it was more than enough to work out that it's a super title. Even as an experienced comic book and graphic novel reader I still have trouble following some of the complex page layouts, so I'm pleased to see how well this was laid out. Every spread is a simple left to right progression that is natural to follow and flows well with the inclusion of more "advanced" cross page boxes and illustration between pieces. It