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Kicking The Bucket

I had the urge to make another list... haven't made one in ages and I'm getting an itchy writing hand just thinking about it. You guys know I don't like an easy challenge, in this case it is go big or go home... the epic list... the one everyone thinks about... The Bucket List. I have what can only be described as a work in progress. I've taken things off it, I've added things on, I've completed a few... but it really could be never ending. So here it is, my work in progress, my list of things I really hope I get round to doing: Places to visit: See all the Guggenheim museums Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Grand Canyon, Utah/Arizona Niagara Falls, Ontario/NY Yellowstone, Wyoming Barcelona Crater Lake, Oregon Angel Falls, Venezuela Galapagos Islands, Equador Northern Lights, Finland Zion Wildlife Park, New Zealand Terracotta Army, China Moraine Lake, Canada Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah A proper American "Believe It Or Not" Sal

Configuration And Juxtaposition

As you know, I don't go and explore the area as much as I should. Sheer laziness! But occasionally I'm forced into doing something against my will... which as it turns out was quite fun in this instance. So yesterday's jaunt took me to Portishead. I have never been there before, and it certainly isn't somewhere I would have accidentally ended up in. Looking at a map you will see that it isn't that far away from Bristol so you'd think it was a doddle to get to... not for paranoid old me! Essentially it's a case of cutting across Bristol and taking one road pretty much all the way there, and while I'm good with directions I like to have the satnav on just in case. I don't know how the rest of you react when using satnavs, in general I find I tell mine it's an idiot! Even if you don't know the exact way, you know the general direction you should be going in... so when my satnav instantly went in the wrong direction I was sceptical. I have ho

A Grate Day To Eat Cheese

I'm having a week off... and of course that means binge watching things! So many options, but thanks to All4 I've been watching The IT Crowd. My only issue with All4 is that you have to put up with adverts like you were watching it live... seriously... why?! If it hadn't been for these adverts though I wouldn't have seen the following one... Well done Cathedral City... I couldn't agree more! Watching Mock The Week the other day I saw John Robins do a bit about health. In it he talks about getting test results back that say he's got gout. The doctor says he should avoid eating cheese and his response is "what the fuck mate?" This is the correct response. This was essentially my response when I got an allergy test back and saw that cheese was in the no go zone. As stated in the advert, there are some very important rules when it comes to cheese... cheese should be loved, worshipped and binge eaten until your stomach aches. Hot cheese