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My Life As A RomCom

So I'm the main character in this epic piece of celluloid mastery. I'm beautiful [well duh!] but quirky, a genius at computers, cooking, writing, singing, interior design... well it's a film so I'm fantastic at everything... but with one endearing quality, I'm clumsy. I'm constantly spilling beverages on attractive men who aren't in the least bit annoyed after they've looked up from their stained item of clothing and seen my fantastically shiny flowing hair... unless it's one of those times you're running for a taxi and you both bump together while going for the door... in which case your hair has neatly curled itself into little ringlets and you have one strand that's flown to your cheek that you'll move away from your face when you decide to share the cab and flirtily smile at each other. I'll decide to go shopping a lot, I don't sensibly get my groceries delivered I will walk to the nearest shop and then buy slightly more i

Inspiring Reading Choices

Libraries are awesome. The article listed below starts with that and I have to agree. Libraries, books, reading, awesome. I love the thought that out there people are putting together libraries however they can to help people read and bringing some joy to as many as possible. It takes a special person to come up with these ideas. It goes to show you what you can achieve with whatever little you have. There are many schemes run by various groups to encourage reading, I myself have only been involved with World Book Day before. It's a great way to get kids to read, but every scheme has its flaws. I will say this is only my opinion but they have an unfortunate over enthusiastic view on how the world works. In an ideal world every child lives near a bookshop. In an ideal world every parent is willing to spend money on a book. In an ideal world vouchers get given to the kids and taken home to their parents

Happy Actions

So I didn't know when I wrote my post about happiness the other day that today was happiness day. Figured another post was in order, hopefully I can keep it different after reading a couple of other websites. I don't know whether the two are connected but I've always been optimistic. To me optimism helps you with the happy! Life is too short to see the down side in things, I know sometimes it's hard. There was one situation in my recent life that made me realise this about myself, and it took the most negative two years of my life to see what I thought wasn't true. I am actually a happy person. I was dating a man who couldn't see the good in anything, every challenge was something to get angry over and shout about. Bad things happen for a reason, and once I realised that everything changed. So... I was surfing on Action For Happiness and came across their ten keys for happier living. 1] Do things for others. I always try and offer to help people, even if

A Dream To Borrow

I just finished reading a book [The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman] which really got my imagination going. The main character goes to work at a library, but not for books, a library for objects. From the mundane to the fabulous. From the fabulous to the magical. Of course the first thing I thought was what would I borrow... and I instantly forgot every wonderful thing I'd ever read about. But I have a back up to think about. When you borrow something special from the library you have to leave part of yourself there. Your future first born child, your sense of humour, your willpower, your sense of direction. So what would I leave when I borrow the undisclosed magical item? My procrastination would be the first and obvious choice... just thinking about all the things I could get done if I didn't have it makes me want to procrastinate. I think my second choice would be giving away my cowardliness, while I'm not generally cowardly I'm by no means brave. Now it

Planning Happiness

I was thinking the other day that things had been so much happier, but recently I've been wondering if that's been flagging a little bit. So I looked up lists of things that have been proven or are said to make you happier, just to have a look at what I'm missing. So the favourite list I saw was on Forbes. -Exercise more -Sleep more -Commute less -Spend more time with family and friends -Spend more time outside -Help others -Practice smiling - it actually alleviates pain -Meditate or enjoy soothing music -Be grateful -Get older Other points I liked from other lists. -Stretch when you wake up -Sit in silence for 10 minutes each day -If you're stressed don't try to manage it, instead take time off to relax -Sleep on the right side of your body, it takes pressure off your heart -Laugh out loud -Walk in nature barefoot -Plan a holiday you'll never take There isn't a way to really say what works, after all every person is different. What

Sketch Me A Comedy

I love stand-up comedy, I remember enjoying Jasper Carrott and Lenny Henry when I was younger and its stayed with me. "Who's your favourite comedian?" I wouldn't ask you who your favourite child was so don't ask me such a difficult question! I tried to narrow it down but it won't happen... the best I can do is a selection of my favourite comedy moments. - Jasper Carrott's magmaloo - Morecombe and Wise's breakfast sketch - Michael McIntyre walking the bus route - Bernard Black's wine lolly - Four candles - Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett "My blackberry is not working" - Drunk English in an Indian restaurant - Rhod Gilbert's luggage - Doc Brown singing pretty much anything - I Like Trucking - Who's On First - Abbott and Costello spitting water In The Navy - Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock - By the power of Greyskull! So many I haven't listed... I've been looking for others but I've been going on ta

Speed Dating

The girls have been trying to convince me to go speed dating. The idea seems fairly awful to me... I'm usually very positive about these things but after online dating it just seems to me that it has the potential to be a way to meet many insane people all in the space of two hours. I've said I'll sit up by the bar and wait for them to finish, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't plan my back up identity in case I get tricked into participating. So a brief bio... Name: Victoria McVitie Age: 32 Occupation: Biscuit Designer Possible lines: "I went in to the family business, as you can probably tell from the name." "I actually did some freelance work I'm pretty proud of, I added a row of holes to the bourbon biscuit. It went from eight up to ten. Very exciting stuff." "The yard of jaffa cakes? That was me, you're welcome." While having my "secret identity" would be fun, I can't actually decide what I'd as