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Snow Day Like A Snow Day

First off I have to put up the obligatory snow day picture... The pristine snow really does look beautiful, and the first path of a walker always looks kind of mysterious... like, seriously, where is that nutter off to? But these snow days have taken a complete different twist, and really made me stop and think. The main thing I took from yesterday's snow debacle was that really I'm very lucky and I shouldn't be moaning at all. So genuinely these moans, while originally from me, aren't really about me. The Story Yesterday morning I woke up before 5am. My heating wasn't due to come on for about another 20 minutes but the temperature in the house had a definite bite to it. I came downstairs and checked my thermostat and I could see the little flame indicator was on which means it's bringing the heating on, so I went on with my morning. I stepped into the shower and took the head off the wall to turn it on and wait for the water to heat up. (I'm n