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Senior Moments

At a certain age you begin to have those odd moments, moments where you're not sure what you were doing or... what was I saying? If you haven't had a senior moment yet, don't worry, it'll be hiding for you around a corner of life. It waits in the darkness, waiting to jump out at you. Usually it'll strike at you sometime after you've felt the urge to use the phrase "kids these days" or "back when I was a child". It's a slow spiral! I'm forgetful, and the following things sum up a fair amount of what I forget... well, probably... there might be others, but I forget. Where did I put things? There is a zone in your home that acts like a blackhole, it sucks in anything that you leave unattended just before you will desperately need them. Sometimes you'll put something down, turn away for just a second... and it's gone. Every time I prepare to go out I have my mantra, "keys, phone, purse", usually rec

Harry Potter And The Mixed Reviews *spoilers*

*Massive spoilers everywhere, sorry, not sorry*     I have always been a Harry Potter fan, but I definitely can't claim I'm a Potterhead... I've read the books, I've seen the films, I listened to the audiobooks... but I have too many other things going on to dedicate such a large portion of my spare time to HP like a lot of people on the internet have. I think I've said before that when I watch new films, I like to watch them with my brain switched off... I like to enjoy them as a standalone project (whether they are or not), and not pick them apart or look for the problems. These things were created for us to enjoy, we really should try doing that first. And I do, the first time, then I watch it again, almost certainly with a notepad and pen at the ready. This is going to be a very mixed article, as what was going to be a review has evolved into a bit of a monster. By that I mean, after I read Harry Potter & The Cursed Child I went looking for what