My Name is Emma, And I Have Never...

... eaten peanut butter. That was until this week.

I had to phone my Mum and check because I found it ridiculous that I had never eaten peanut butter before. She pondered it for a moment and came to the same conclusion... it baffled me that I had never had it.

Randomly something came up at work and I mentioned this... for a moment no one believed me, then they looked at me like I was the worst kind of criminal out there, like I had betrayed food somehow... and I felt like I had.

A couple of days later a guy in the office walked up to my desk and deposited a jar of smooth and a jar of crunchy peanut butter... my lifetime omission could no longer be ignored. I polled the office and my friends on which was better and how I should have it. The consensus was toast, but which variety was a split, office said crunchy and friends said smooth. I brought my loaf of bread, toasted two slices and spread myself two taste test worthy slices.

I discovered I already had a dislike for crunchy peanut butter, mainly because of some mild OCD tendencies I let fester inside me... see my post about making the perfect Marmite on toast. How on Earth are you meant to spread the stuff? Before I come to my verdict I'd like to tell you that I had high hopes... I love peanuts, I love satay sauce [which is essentially crunchy peanut butter] and things on toast are my go to snack. So this was kind of a no brainer.

Well... I feel like I've been betrayed by food, not the other way around. I had the crunchy slice first and felt like I was eating wallpaper paste mixed with UHU glue with a hint of peanut. The smooth slice didn't offend me as much, although I still would have liked to have been able to chew a little more freely.

In conclusion: Crunchy no, although I will be turning the jar into satay sauce very soon. I'm going to give smooth another go, possibly trying the American staple of PB&J... although I can't say I've ever been eating some fruit and thought "you know what would go well with this? A handful of peanuts." So any serving suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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