Kicking The Bucket

I had the urge to make another list... haven't made one in ages and I'm getting an itchy writing hand just thinking about it.

You guys know I don't like an easy challenge, in this case it is go big or go home... the epic list... the one everyone thinks about... The Bucket List.

I have what can only be described as a work in progress. I've taken things off it, I've added things on, I've completed a few... but it really could be never ending.

So here it is, my work in progress, my list of things I really hope I get round to doing:

  • Places to visit:
    • See all the Guggenheim museums
    • Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
    • Grand Canyon, Utah/Arizona
    • Niagara Falls, Ontario/NY
    • Yellowstone, Wyoming
    • Barcelona
    • Crater Lake, Oregon
    • Angel Falls, Venezuela
    • Galapagos Islands, Equador
    • Northern Lights, Finland
    • Zion Wildlife Park, New Zealand
    • Terracotta Army, China
    • Moraine Lake, Canada
    • Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah
    • A proper American "Believe It Or Not"
    • Salem, Massachusetts
    • Winchester Mystery House, California
    • Alcatraz, California
    • Get a geocache in every continent
    • Go through the Bermuda Triangle
    • Go to Hawaii and go to the 24 hour cafe
    • Go to Canada
    • Do a Man V Food challenge
  • Things to do:
    • Learn how to dance
    • Swim through a waterfall
    • Write my book
    • Plan my funeral
    • Learn self defence
    • Kiss under the mistletoe
    • Swim in an infinity pool
    • Thousand origami cranes
    • Have a picnic in Hyde Park
    • Take a National Geographic photo
    • Watch a movie at a drive through
    • Do a mural
    • Eat Chinese take away for an American take away box
    • Own a Jack Vetriano
    • Write a list of 101 things that make me happy and take a picture of them

I'm still hoping that I win the lottery so that I could actually afford the majority of things on my list at the moment. I was surprised that so much of it requires a road trip round the States. If I got to do that I know there would be plenty more things to add on... I've seen so much Man V Food and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, that I'd have to go on a bit of a food crawl. Then there are all the road side curios like "The World's Biggest...[insert random household item here]".

There are lots of simple things that I'm always surprised I've never done. I think about putting them on the list, but where would that end? I want to be able to boil the perfect batch of rice and make fortune cookies... but my multiple attempts so far have been a disaster.

The things above are things I haven't tried before, so that's what I'm going for... brand new life experiences. Don't get me wrong, I'll still try to boil the perfect rice, and make those fortune cookies... but I've tried them too much to know that I'll ever actually be able to achieve them!

I'm off to think about what one I'm going to achieve... and maybe search for some dancing shoes. If you feel like sharing some of your ideas below, I'd love to hear them.


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