I Can't Make You Love Me

I've been following six word story on Twitter for a little while now. I get a glimmer of an idea from some of their tweets and I decided to do some quick writing exercises from them. I'm going to try and add a twist in, but it wouldn't be fair if I told you straight off. *wink*

I can't make you love me.
I've tried

We cuddle together, and at first I feel like you do love me too.

You're happy as I stroke your soft curves.
Connected, contented.

Then out of the blue you change your mind.
You push away.
I should leave you, but I want you to be close.
But you lash out and words are exchanged.

I won't learn from my lesson, I love you and I know you love me too.

You nuzzle up to me when you think I'm asleep.
I can feel your breath on my face when my eyes are closed.
But when I open them you give me that look that secretly always makes me smile.
But then you roll away.

When I go to leave you hear me laying the suitcase out and you're there.
You don't want me to go.
You do love me.
Why else would you be trying to stop me from packing?

I take you in my arms, I don't want to leave you.
And for that moment were happy, and I know we love each other.

But you change like the wind, scratching me as you run away.

I can't make you love me.
I've tried.


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