I'm A Scary Monster... Grrr

I was surfing the web, procrastinating (as usual) when I read this... Neil Gaiman's top ten movie monsters. I can't make a list of the scariest monsters as most monsters I don't really find scary at all. So we'll just have to go with a list of my favourite monsters. Gaiman did have some good choices in there, we had two in common but the rest of mine are a little more on the tame side!

These carnosaurs were in a movie series called Primal Species. They were not particularly scary... mainly hilarious. You have to watch the movie, in a spectacular bit the carnosaurs are roaming round a warehouse being tracked by military personnel... watch carefully, I'm fairly certain you can see one scene where a man in wearing a carnosaur suit.

Eugine Tooms, has always been my favourite X-Files x-file. Human yes, but with stretchy limbs I'm fairly certain we can count him under the monster category. There's something about his generally creepy nature that makes me want to tape up my windows and doors.

The brains from Fiend Without A Face are... ridiculous. They should surely be easy to eradicate, being as the brain is a delicate organ, but they manage to run riot for quite some time.

Megapiranha. Generally even regular piranha, quite scary. To be quite honest though, any animal that can throw itself from the sea and lodge itself into the side of a building... respect... *bump it*.

Roz, the master of disguise. You are what we should all strive to be.

Original Godzilla is cool. Broderick Godzilla is good. New Godzilla is lame. Son of Godzilla... is freaking awesome and very cute in an "I'm going to stomp on your city" kind of way.

The Blob... gelatinous, but doesn't go well with ice cream.

The ants from Them, they are scary beings when they're giant.

Two of the cutest monsters of all time I think. I was going for Toothless on the list but I came up with this picture of him and Stitch role playing, and they are both pretty cool.

Last but not least, the Weeping Angels. These things are probably the scariest things on my list. They're the only monsters that put me off watching things at night... daytime watching and I'm fine but after dark... Nope... give me cute fluffy things.

Sweet dreams. Don't blink and remember to seal up those vents.

Is that a speck of dirt in my eye?


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