You To Me Are Everything

So I've been a little illusive since coming back from holiday, I thought I'd get back into the swing of it with a waffling list of nonsense.

After everything with the Tampon Tax I decided to list the things in my life I can't live without. Something to watch after reading this... AFTER... is this video of Russell Howard's take on it which made me chuckle earlier.

I'm going to start with the materialistic... my enslavement to the digital revolution.

  1. My iPad. When I originally brought it I honestly thought I'd never use it, but I had to have one. I don't think there's been a day where I haven't used it. Mainly at the moment I use it to listen to audio books and make jigsaws... what an excellent use of technology I hear you say. Some days are more productive than others!
  2. I'm a bit of a binge buyer at times, mainly stationery. There's something oddly satisfying about writing in a new pad with a new pen!
  3. I decided to put my house on the list. Not just because I'm happy to be a grown-up with my own property but because it really changed my life. For the first time in ages I'm happy to be somewhere. I don't hate coming home, it really has made such a different to me.
  4. Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream... one of the simple pleasures... when it's not extortionately priced.
  5. My phone... Another technological one but this one isn't for the phone itself. It's for the phone calls, the two hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing.
  6. Some days you just need to curl up with a good book, and to do that you need a big pink fluffy blanket to wrap up with.
  7. The best addition to my household was my memory foam mattress... I don't think I've felt as relaxed as when I've facepalmed my memory foam mattress in exhaustion.
  8. Gone are the days of stilettos, I pretty much live in my airwalks these days, but I do enjoy them being a bit quirky. So I've got blue laces in them which always cheer me up a bit.
  9. Books, books and more books. I don't have to have read them, they just have to be there. There's nothing quite like holding a real book in your hands.

The last slot is always the most difficult to fill. What shall I put as my tenth thing that I can't live without. I'm not going to put people on the list because the ones you love the most will always be with you even if they are far away. Those memories don't go fade.

  1. My Fortnum and Mason teddy bear. It's not an old bear, I got it one Christmas while I was shopping with friends on our Christmas shopping/outing. We had a great day in London wandering around and then got stuck in the worst traffic jam in years because of the snow. It was fantastic. They played Driving Home For Christmas which they pointed out was possibly the cruellest thing they could have played considering most of the listeners were stuck in their cars. It is one of my favourite memories, one that always makes me smile.

Well I'm off to sleep on my memory foam mattress under my pink fluffy blanket while finishing a jigsaw on my iPad. Sometimes it's difficult to remember how many of the things that bring you comfort you have around you.


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