How To Have The Perfect Do Nothing Day

Today I was reminded that not everyone knows how to relax. Some people have so much on their plate that they don't know how to maximise time to chill out and enjoy a do nothing day. So for those of you who are looking for enlightenment, or those of you who are simply looking to hone your skills, here are my top tips for a complete relaxation optimised day.

NOTE: You can't just enter a do nothing day halfheartedly, to do it properly you need to commit and pre-plan the essentials.

So where should you start? Here are my top tips for what needs to be done in the...

Run up to a do nothing day

  • Snacks: During the week when you go to the supermarket pick up some essential munchies. Remember to make it a variety because you never know what might take your fancy. Go for savoury and sweet [together if you're so inclined... sweet and salty popcorn is awesome, as is salted popcorn with a side of peanut M&Ms], crisps, ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, pastries, fruit [if you must, but I frown upon this choice unless it's a bowl of strawberries and blueberries... I'm very picky with my fruit!].
  • Food: I know I know, we just covered snacks, but you have to consider what you want to eat for a proper meal. Are you going to "cook"? Or are you getting a take away? I put "cook", because if you're buying food ideally it should be things you can bung in the oven and leave... you really don't want to be away from the doing nothing for long.
  • Beverages: Daytime beverages of soft drinks in large bottles to minimise away time. Evening beverages, bottle[s] of wine or spirit with mixers where needed.

Having all of this arranged in advance will lead you up to a smooth day... but we're not finished yet.

Last minute prep

  • If you're going to watch DVDs have a short list prepared and pre-load a DVD into the player. [I used to have a 6 disc hi-fi system that played DVDs... good times, how I miss it.]
  • If you've decided on take away for dinner, lay out some menus if you haven't picked a particular one.
  • Choose your position on the sofa, then set out the following things around you. [If you're having your do nothing day in bed then this will need to be done after you're up in the morning.]
    • A glass for your drink.
    • Bag of all your non-refrigerated snacks.
    • All essential remote controls [if you're really paranoid you should also make sure you've got spare batteries.]
    • Laptop and/or iPad and all relevant chargers for those and your phone. Also bring over your house phone if you have one [yes I know no one ever rings you apart from your mother, but if it rings you're going to have to get up... and that's not on.]
    • Put out your DVD choices next to the player for easy changing. Remember to consider timings. Do you want to be watching a horror film when it gets dark? My advice would be start with comedy to lift your morning, work into anything rom-com-y that will induce crying, early afternoon hit the horror or action... I like to leave myself with a couple of choices for the end of the evening, sometimes the day takes a different turn to how you expected.
    • Notepad and pen... because you never know.
    • Purse/wallet for online purchasing.
    • Fluffy blanket or duvet.
    • Tissues/kitchen roll.
    • Bin, this doesn't have to be placed nearby, you can also position it 5 or 6 feet away from you for the added entertainment of trying to throw your rubbish in it.

So now you're most likely ready for your planned day of relaxing... I know it doesn't seem like it has been very relaxing so far, but trust me. From experience I know that forgetting something essential and having to put outdoor clothes on and go out where real people are is not fun!

Do nothing day is here

Required attire: Pyjamas or onesie, slippers or chunky socks, dressing gown optional.

Optional daily choices: brushing hair, brushing teeth, showering, make-up, opening the curtains. [Please note some of these may not be optional if you're ordering take away... remember you're going to have to open the door and briefly speak to another human being in person.]

You have risen from bed, eaten breakfast and showered [if you felt you really had to], and dressed in your best comfy attire. Go to the kitchen and get your selected drink and you are instantly ready to position yourself on the sofa and start your first DVD. The first one of the day I usually like to make something that I know quite well so that I can surf the web, do a bit of Windows shopping, and still follow what's going on.

The perfect do nothing day should ideally require only getting up to use the bathroom, replenish drink, change the DVD and cook/collect dinner. I will concede that sometimes you'll need to get up and move around a bit... it is a lot of sitting after all, and while you'll feel like having a nap now and then... so will your legs!

For the over-achievers of you, I understand you might want to actually do things. It can't be helped you've been hard wired for so long into believing days have to be productive... it's all lies... sometimes you can just do something for yourself.

Now that you've got your basics you can have your day off from life and build it into your own little haven. If you're not sure how to get the finer points nailed down, here are some of my favourite do nothing things.

Food & drink:
  • "Grab bags" of chocolate so that you can seal them up after you've had some... HAHAHAHAHAHA... no. Grab bags are because bars of chocolate flake and melt onto clothes, remotes and cushions... that means you'll have to clean it up. pre-pieced chocolate doesn't have this issue. At no point should anyone need to ever use a reseal tab on chocolate.
  • Probably avoid curry as a take away as there's so much sauce, a curry spill is one of the worst. Pizza is the best option, or I like to go for Chinese mixed starters.
  • I aim for minimal pausing of DVDs which means pacing yourself on your drinks!

Movie choices:

A very personal choice but here are some of my go to watches.

27 Dresses [weepy] - Die Hard 4 [action] - Kingsman [kick ass]
Last Holiday [weepy] - Accepted [comedy] - Hot Fuzz [comedy action]
Leverage [binge watching at its finest] - Simply Irresistable [weepy]
Man V Food or Diners Drive-Ins & Dives [food yumminess]
Miss Congeniality [hilarious] - Doctor Who [duh, it's genius]
The Condemned [mindless violence] - Clue [comedy]

Ways to procrastinate:

If you like to be surfing while watching, as I do, here are some good things to do online.

  • Pinterest is my go to site these days... I can easily say I'm a little addicted. New recipes, nerdy things, crafty projects.
  • Buzzfeed quizzes, because who doesn't what to know which superhero you are based on your favourite ice cream toppings?
  • Reddit writing prompts. Now... I have to say I'm not actually a massive fan of Reddit in general. I'm a much more visual person which is why I like Pinterest and twitter [to some degree], but I feel like Reddit is for the techy people. That being said, some of the Sub Reddits are very good, especially the writing prompt one, so if you're looking for some inspiration this is a good place to stop.

That's me done for now, I'm having my own do nothing evening of sorts, good luck with yours.


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