Justice League Vs Suicide Squad

I love picking up things like this on Netgalley, it really cheers me up. I've kind of given away what I think about the book haven't I? Never mind, carry on and listen to my waffle anyway.

While I'm a fan of comic books, I'm by no means an expert. I tend to opt for single character titles with a set number of issues. If that says anything about me, it's that I'm impatient. But when I see things that say they're "volume 1" or are stand alone set of team ups, then I do quite like giving them a go.

So, Justice League Vs Suicide Squad... I'm going to copy and paste this next bit straight from Netgalley as I don't want to miss any of the talented people... Written by rising star Josh Williamson (The Flash) with art from acclaimed illustrators Jason Fabok (Justice League: Darkseid War), Tony S. Daniel (Batman), Fernando Pasarin (Justice League), Howard Porter (JLA), and more.

What the official blurb tells us...

It's the first major event storyline of DC's Rebirth era in JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD!

This was a day that Amanda Waller--the government liaison in charge of Task Force X--always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad! The government-sponsored black-ops team of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a dealbreaker for the World's Greatest Superheroes. But you can bet the Wall and her gang won't go down without the fight to end all fights!

What I'm going to waffle about...

Caitlin Snow is being transferred to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Killer Frost meets all the current members of the Suicide Squad in an amusing little set of pages. But I think I'm more impressed with the Waller intro, Frost gets the cold hard facts and learns that not everyone has warmth in their heart.

I loved that they threw in a foot note to a previous comic. The Justice League are discussing the Suicide Squad, and Batman mentions a previous mission. I come across some bits like this and wonder if it's just something they've put in the story, or if it's an actual event they've already published. This little addition gave me a shopping list for something to go and look for afterwards.

"Yeah, but aren't boomerangs a little lame?" Green Lantern
"You did NOT just bloody--" Captain Boomerang

That little titbit amused me.

Maxwell Lord enters the story, a focused man, who isn't afraid to let loose some evil back into the world to achieve his goal. Killing Amanda Waller.

I will say this and it's probably my only objection, as such, through this whole book... I do not enjoy Amanda Waller as an illustrated character. I find it a really unpleasant image to get along with, it makes me kind of unsettled. But then I suppose that sits well with her character.

There are lots of little bits I love in this one. Right up near the top somewhere is Harley and Wonder Woman teaming up. That's some proper sisterly bonding, it was amazingly entertaining.

Max Lord's master plan hinges around the Justice League. What he truly wants to do is make the world safe, and with the Heart of Darkness he's going to do that whether people like it or not.

Who knew that "protecting" the world was so easy...

2 minutes in Flash dismantles WMDs.
5 minutes in Green Lanterns protect the Earth from ETs.
7 minutes in Aquaman protects the shores.
9 minutes in Wonder Woman protects world leaders.
10 minutes in Cyborg takes hold of communications.
13 minutes in Superman and Lord take the White House.

That's some impressive timetabling. Even with superheroes on your side I'd have said it would have taken at least a day to take over!

Batman's interactions with the Suicide Squad after Max overlooks them as insignificant was really well done, and adds to my list of things I love about this book.

Friends ask me for suggestions on what they might like to read when it comes to comics, and I'm always hesitant. But this book has just made its way onto my list of recommendations for non-comic book readers. It was enjoyable, easy to follow, and that's how you get someone hooked on the good stuff!


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