So You've Seen Deadpool...

... and the superhero movie will never be the same again.

Before seeing the movie I had never come across Deadpool. He was sneakily hiding behind the other characters flipping bunny ears and running away giggling. We of course saw Wade Wilson in the Wolverine origin film but in a more serious (yet still with a tinge of humour) role. He was no indication of what to expect.

Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Wade Winston Wilson AKA Deadpool started life as a supervillain before the unstable mercenary became firmly set as everyone's favourite anti-hero.

Name: Wade Winston Wilson [possibly?].
AKA: Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth.
Alliances: Pretty much anyone.
Abilities: Healing, master of martial arts, swordsmanship and marksmanship, extended lifespan, a way with words, destroyer of the fourth wall, advanced distraction techniques.

There was the distinct worry that the film would be awful. An entertaining trailer has been known to turn to disappointment when you suddenly realise... that was all the good bits.

On my way to the screening I stopped at my comic book store and someone had just been in who'd already brought tickets to two showings... that seemed a bit dangerous.

The queue was much as I expected, headed up by a devout geek who had clearly been waiting a long time in position, groups of lads exchanging  comic book and film trivia. I overheard a rather in depth Star Wars talk that went straight over my head. More couples than I expected were queueing, and I still think that some of the women heard "Ryan Reynolds film" and misunderstood... I'm sure that's not the reason all of them were there or course. But as it goes, I was definitely the only unaccompanied woman there.

A woman seeing a superhero movie on her own... hell yes!

There's action, there's comedy, there's romance and there's sex. Something for everyone as they say. Unless you're easily offended... in which case it's probably best to stay at home and watch something on the Food Network.

I love the fact that they kept in the bits that other films would have cut out. All the daft bits that really capture the Deadpool humour. That cab ride was ridiculous... and totally what lone travellers do in a cab on their own... well apart from climbing into the front seat. But if I kept telling you what I loved we'd be here for hours.

My main pressing concern is how am I going to cope with superhero movies after this? Yeah you get the little "in" jokes, and of course the Stan Lee cameos make me smile every time, but that fourth wall is going to be there, and it's going to be made of vibranium. All future films are going to be haunted by the cinematic ghost of Deadpool.


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