The Little Things

Life deals us some shoddy hands sometimes. That's why we should remember to enjoy the simple pleasures and triumphs in life.

  • There's nothing like the feeling of putting a USB stick in the right way round first time.
  • There's nothing like a drive through town with all green lights.
  • There's nothing like a sunbeam... they're not just for cats.
  • Finding an old favourite in the back of the wardrobe, trying it on, and seeing it fit.
  • Watching snow fall at night.
  • Looking out on fresh snow before anyone stands in it.
  • Picking the right switch out of two that you can never usually remember.
  • Sitting down to read a book for ten minutes and realising it's been two hours.
  • Puppy head tilting.
  • Holding a warm cup when your hands are cold.
  • Taking your shoes and socks off after walking all day and putting your feet on a tile floor.
  • Any moment where you can laugh until you cry.
  • Moments that save your faith in humanity.
It's easy to be angry at the world, but it takes real courage to take those little things and wipe the anger away.


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