I've written a post before about car rules but today's post is about everything else that happens inside the car.

On my way home tonight I was behind a school bus, when we pulled up at the lights the kids in the back row turned around and were waving. They were having fun, and it cheered my day up. It did then occur to me that had we met at the previous set of lights they would have seen me picking something out of my teeth.

I'm always looking in my mirrors at lights, and seeing what is going on behind me is fascinating. You get a lot of chances for mirror watching in Bristol... there must be an easier way to get around!!

Today I saw a guy putting his wedding ring back on, he's a plumber and they usually take their rings off, you don't want to get it caught on anything while working [I saw an episode of Airport where a guy caught his ring in some machinery and they had to cut the ring off his ring to save it... bleurgh!] I really hope that's why he was putting his ring back on! There were two loved ups in one car... that one made me a bit sick! I also got to see a random assortment of people who had clearly only just woken up checking their eyes for sleep and generally poking their faces.

You always see people eating, drinking, talking on the phone... years ago I remember being so stunned by a driver that I stopped walking and waited for them to disappear before going anywhere near the crossing. At a large junction where they were turning left, they rounded the corner with a sandwich in one hand and a shaver in the other. It's a smooth turning, over a ninety degree angle... but WHAT THE FRICKITY FRACK!?! Elbows? Knees? Please people... at least one hand on the wheel!

It got me thinking about what I do in the car. I'm a car singer... radio, CD, imagination radio. When stopped at lights this can also include air drums and dancing. I at least know that I amuse other drivers, once on the M26 my jam came on and I was really getting into it when I noticed a car alongside me clearly thinking I was insane. I hang my head in jest and we exchanged thumbs up and I slowed and let them whizz on down the motorway.

Something to remember for other singers like myself... cars are not sound proof, don't sing at lights in high streets... and for those of you who talk on hands free while parked... have the decency to open your windows so we can join in.

Whatever your habit, just remember to watch the road.


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