DIY Efforts - Kitchen

I've been debating my kitchen for a while. I did a few things to it right at the beginning, mainly because I didn't want to live with the really ugly looking tiles, and now the debate is whether to replace it all. In the meantime though I still needed something pretty to cook in!

So this was my kitchen in the beginning. As you can see, there were some truly amazing tiles. Luckily they were just vinyl transfers, but they were so well done that I thought they were actual tiles... saves a lot of time when you only have to peel and not paint!

You might be able to see from the pictures that there are several different units. The easy make-do job would have been to get new drawer fronts on the wooden unit and make everything look similar... but as with everything in this house there's something a little odd going on. The drawer units aren't standard sizes so replacing the fronts is nearly impossible. Ahh well, not really a surprise there, something odd to put a stop to a plan!

I peeled some vinyl, I put the new fridge in and did some painting, fix the rickety drawers with some duct tape and cleaned the filthiest of things. If you need to clean your oven shelves I highly recommend the cleaning bags. The shelves were black, and I was convinced that was how they'd stay, but after a while it started to melt off. I never thought I'd be so happy while cleaning, I guess it's the little things!

Once all the basics were done I had to stock up on essentials... ice cream and biscuits mainly. These things are important, you never know when a craving might hit!

While it's not technically finished here's a picture of the current and living state of the kitchen. I'm designing a new one at the moment which is running horribly expensive... some adjustments might have to be made!

The daft thing I've discovered about kitchen cabinets is that the doors cost a ridiculous amount and the shells are dirt cheap. I looked at replacing the fronts but for only £100 more I can do the whole lot... I feel like there's something wrong with that logic.

I've been eyeing some Ikea units but I still can't work a floor to ceiling storage cupboard into the plan... I so want one. For now though I'll make do with what I've got.

The result will be similar, pastel walls and retro signs. I've got some grey floor tiles to lay and the end result will hopefully have a wooden work top and grey doors. New sink, new cooker. I can get the new cooker in straight away if I cut the worktop, but it's a vicious circle, do one thing and another will need doing. I'll have to pick my battles with this one I think.


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