Having A Mega Time

After a few days in Cornwall with my family I've taken to the road on a Megabus. I figured that Penzance to Bristol at 9am on a Tuesday has to be one of the least stressful times to experience this for the first time! Kudos to whoever designed this route... the streets of Cornish villages were clearly designed for giant buses weaving through them!! But I can't quibble, £12.50 for a bus ticket home, for what equates to 6 hours of travel give or take the traffic... a bargain, and had I remembered to book it when I got paid it would have been even cheaper at £10.50.

The one bug is no internet, she says as she writes her blog post on her iPad in preparation. I was going to write by hand but there are no tables and I could barely read a word of what I did write.

I'm experiencing some of my worst nightmares right now. Strangers. They're loud eaters, they invade my personal space and they want to talk every second of the journey. No strange people, just no, leave me be! Can you not see I'm pretending to read my book?! It's probably best I don't write by hand, that inevitably leads to... "You don't see many people writing by hand these days, what are you writing?" "Funny you should ask, I'm writing my confession to the police about how I murdered dozens of strangers on Megabuses across the country who spoke to me when I wanted quiet time."

Strangers are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it is a long journey and I'm nowhere near awake enough to put up with nonsense. I had lots of things to keep me occupied for the entire journey. You know me and my planning... I had a drink, some snacks, a notepad, my iPad, Kindle Fire, my headphones... I could have done anything I fancied, but what did I do? I just looked out the window.

I love driving, but it's times like this when you're a passenger that you forget how interesting things are outside the window. The little villages were beautiful and I felt really sorry for them having a giant Megabus thundering through their streets. Honestly, at one point I really didn't think that we were going to make it up an impossibly steep hill with a traffic light at the top.

With a bus route though it's never the quick way. As I said, my bargain ride was 6 hours long, had I driven I would have done it in 3 and a half... but it would have also cost me about five times the amount for the round trip. The comfort of my own car and singing along to the radio would have been fantastic but all being said and done the Megabus was a relatively painless experience. If we don't include being cramped up and making my back worse than it already is... oh, and the twisted seat belt that drove me nuts for the first two hours.

If I ever need to go anywhere and don't have the urge, or the finances to drive it, I'll definitely be getting a Megabus. And who knows, next time I might even have the urge to speak to strangers!


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