Childhood Comic Capers

I was shocked during the week to discover that they've re-done Danger Mouse... what the frickety frack?! Why? Why would you do that when the original was so good?! The only redeeming feature is that Stephen Fry is Colonel K. This got me thinking of other things that have been re-made. You've got some dubious Rainbow Brite reboot, that I thankfully haven't seen and the Alvin & the Chipmunks movies.

I went back to my childhood and searched through for some classic children's TV. I made a list of 86 classic things I remember. Most of the more modern ones stand up to the test of time. But re-watching old ones can be a mistake... a couple of weeks ago I watched an episode of Sharky & George... what a mistake. On the complete opposite, the very old ones [in comparison] stand up well too.

So too my list of children's TV that I could watch now.

Batfink - Seemingly a lot of TV for family in this era works with the classic dynamic duo saving everything line. And Batfink with Karate were certainly one of those pairs. I never quite understood how that super-sonic sonar worked... but that's part of the magic!

Chip 'n' Dale - Now, The Rescue Rangers we're on TV when I was younger but my favourite will always be the original cartoons. You can't beat a classic popcorn hoarding episode.

Garfield & Friends - I will always love Garfield, I collected the books and read them in the paper... and I love lasagna.

Gummi Bears - I watched this off the back of watching Sharky & George, after that initial disappointment I was quite happy to be surprised by this one... it's lasted well.

Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies - I know that these two are separate, but I always remember them together. Maybe not so politically correct these days, but I can't be mad at something that was made in that era.

Pink Panther - What's not to love? It's simple humour... and everyone knows that theme tune. If only gardening was as easy as in this episode.

Stoppit & Tidyup - Random noises talked over by Terry Wogan... it's kind of like Eurovision used to be I guess.

Taz-mania - Yet another nonsensical cartoon... but damn if he aint funny.

Tom & Jerry - Again, in general I love all Tom & Jerry. Even the newer ones aren't too bad. But Mice Follies is my absolute favourite episode where they freeze the kitchen and use jelly for coloured spotlights as they skate.

Trap Door - Over-worked servant to the thing upstairs, always having to deal with things waiting in the dark beneath the trap-door... poor Berk.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to try some other things off the list now... I quite fancy Count Duckula and The Raggy Dolls... but first there's a Chip and Dale marathon coming on!


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