What Comes Of Being A Grownup

Sometimes life doesn't quite go the way you'd hope. The things you always wanted to do, the people you always wanted to meet, the books you always wanted to read... sometimes that life gets dealt to someone else. For this leading lady this couldn't be more true, living off her earnings as a psychic and the odd hand job, tell the punters what they want and you can make a good wage.

Enter Susan Burke, she's moved into a Victorian house and ever since things haven't been quite the same. Could something be inhabiting her house, and her stepson Miles? One things for sure, there could be a lot of money to be had. But there's a catch, when our psychic goes to the house she feels it too, like something is watching... waiting...

I started writing this review three times, it was so difficult to know where to start, mainly because I finished it and couldn't put my thoughts together... "Wait, what? Oooooohhh. It can't be, could it?" There weren't any coherent sentences, it was just, wow. To get so much atmosphere in such a short space of time is a real talent.

One of the reasons I loved Gone Girl was that Flynn's ability to add a twist and make you actually scream at the book is amazing, and she certainly didn't disappoint. Her writing is so strong that you read and she convinces you of the truth, and even though if you've read Gone Girl you know she's the master of the untruth you still fall for it.

This story made me fear kids I don't even have. Laying in bed reading this I some how conjured up a murderous son I don't have and feared he would burst through the door. [Kind of made me wish we hadn't finished the DIY so I could see the imaginary bugger coming.]

I find short stories unusual as books when they're this well written. They leave you wanting more and wondering where the truth lies, but at the same time you're disappointed in a book that's so small. This book is going to sell... just off Gone Girl and Flynn's name [and hopefully for the fact it's good] I can see a lot of people saying "well it's only £3.99."... and that's if it isn't discounted.

What did let it down for me is the fact that this isn't original content, it was written for an anthology put together by George R. R. Martin. A short story collection from Flynn would be a gripping read so it's a bit disappointing that they didn't build a book around this one story. I'm left feeling a little bit ripped off... and I didn't even pay for my copy of the book. But that's the truth behind anything commercial sadly.

But ignore that last bit because it still gets five stars from me. Read it, enjoy it and fear adolescent boys who have a malevolent twinkle in their eye forever.


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