MCU've Got To Be Kidding Me?!

It started out as a fun little idea...

"I fancy having a Marvel marathon!"

I had already done a bit of Spider-Man, and I realised I'd watched a lot of X-Men recently too. So that left me with the "proper" Marvel, and of course by that I mean the Marvel movies that scream Marvel when they're brought out in the cinema.

Of course this just leaves you with one last decision... how do you watch them? By superhero series... by phase... or in chronological order?

Now, I like order. My DVDs are sensibly ordered alphabetically by title. I like a list... nay... I LOVE a list. So why am I brought to my knees, a gibbering wreck, every time I start to think about the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Personally I'm an advocate for chronological and, because sometimes you just need to see a lot of Tom Hiddleston, watching a superhero set in order.

I found a few different places online to see what the consensus is on watching order... and guess what? There isn't much of one, no surprise there. I didn't find a single list that lined up with another. They were a least trying to be chronological, and when all the series come into play I can understand that gets somewhat... crazy.

So what the hell, here's my attempt... honestly... I've got no clue how accurate the TV episodes are, I've had to take a few people's words for it.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Agent Carter Season 1
Agent Carter Season 2
Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter/Iron Man 3 Extra
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
The Incredible Hulk
Marvel One-Shot: A funny thing happened on the way to Thor's hammer/Captain America: The First Avenger Extra
Marvel One-Shot: The consultant/Thor Extra
Avengers Assemble
Marvel One-Shot: Item 47/Avengers Assemble Extra
Iron Man 3
Marvel One-Shot: All hail the king/Thor: The Dark World Extra
SHIELD Season 1 Episodes 1-7
Thor: The Dark World
SHIELD Season 1 Episodes 8-16
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
SHIELD Season 1 Episodes 17-22
Guardians of the Galaxy
SHIELD Season 2 Episodes 1-19
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Daredevil Season 1
Avengers: Age of Ultron
SHIELD Season 2 Episodes 20-22
SHIELD Season 3 Episodes 1-10
Jessica Jones Season 1 (Alongside above)
SHIELD Season 3 Episodes 11-19
Daredevil Season 2 (Alongside above)
Captain America: Civil War
SHIELD Season 3 Episodes 20-22
SHIELD Slingshot Season 1 Episodes 1-5
SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 1-8
SHIELD Slingshot Season 1 Episode 6
Luke Cage Season 1
Doctor Strange
SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 9-15
Iron Fist Season 1
SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 16-22
Spider-Man: Homecoming

If it wasn't for Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. everything would be much easier. Until I started looking into this I didn't even know there were web episodes called Slingshot, and I'm not convinced that I've seen all the One-Shots either.

My Marvel marathon (that's a lot of Ms) has been put on hold though, partly for my own sanity at this point, and partly because I'm missing a few DVDs. I have decided that life is too short to watch all of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the other TV series again, so once the DVDs arrive I'm going to stick with a good old fashioned movie marathon. Hopefully it'll get me in the mood for The Defenders when it arrives on Netflix.

Just remember, don't let the confusion of all these series and films get to you though, we should all remember the Hulk way of coping with things... if it annoys you... punch it in the face.


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