DIY Efforts - Living Room

After another spurt of enthusiasm I've, sort of, finished the living room. I'll just get some shelving to go up in the alcoves.

So I put together my fifth Ikea flat pack... and you know what I've noticed? Ikea and the Allen key business must have had a falling out. I've hardly used one to put this furniture together. Gone are the days where all I needed was an Allen key and some free interpretation of the wordless instructions.

You'll see from the pictures above that I managed to get rid of the delightful border. The person who invented stick on borders should really take a good hard look at their life!!

The walls downstairs were a lot more difficult than upstairs, I'm not exactly a fan of standing up a ladder, and unfortunately the walls are higher. I don't exactly enjoy the wobbly feel of the dizzying heights on my ladder... which is probably partly why I've only done two walls... lets call them "feature walls" so it doesn't look like I'm just lazy!

AMENDMENT: As a note to the above mentioned "feature walls", it turns out I'm not lazy! (Well, I am, but slightly less so than I thought) That wobbly feeling that I was getting up the ladder wasn't the ladders fault, it was the paint. After some checking it turns out I'm allergic to the Dulux paint I brought. So I've learnt my lesson for next time... you think I'm going to say don't buy Dulux paint again don't you? Nope, buy Dulux paint and then con someone into doing the painting for you!

I made the essential purchase of a comical cushion... Life is short eat more cake... I guess that's less comical and more accurate. I got up early and was productive... so now the place actually looks like a living room. And now that that is all done, I've remembered how to procrastinate with a TV and chocolate. No cake today... unless... yes! Battenberg in the cupboard. More procrastination then, rather than setting my computer up! I'm beginning to think it would have been easier to leave the place a mess so I kept doing things!


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