Two DIY Deliberations

So I've been doing a lot of DIY lately as you know, I'm no expert, but I do have some common sense... and paint gives me pause for thought. I've been painting with a variety of colours and spend so much time washing brushes and rollers that it's a joke.

A really easy trick to at least save you the time is to line the paint tray with foil, you remember me mentioning it when I wrote about life hacks? This one was a god send to find! But remember to double line the tray if you're going to use a brush as well as a roller... those bristles are sneaky buggers and like to poke holes through to the tray!

Tins are probably the dumbest vessels for paint. Why doesn't it come in watering cans? Or tins that have a pinched side that works like a jug? We make so many innovative things but we can't make paint storage that also works as a pouring device?!

When you google paint cans there are also pictures of spout type lids that you can put on the top of cans... which is handy... but you'd need one for each sized can and you still need to wash them. I can't be the only one who thinks this could be better.

That being said, I'd seriously consider getting LED walls if it meant I could change the colour whenever I fancied it. It would't hurt that I wouldn't have to climb up a ladder to change the colour.

Any house that isn't your own comes with a lot of quirks that need sorting out. I seem to keep finding them here. One that frustrated me was the kitchen cupboards. Whether they decided to expand them or just had some left over units I don't know, but they don't all match... that doesn't really worry me as they're easy to make the same with new fronts or by simply painting them.

The thing that really got me was that one of the drawer units has three drawers on it and you couldn't open a single one without opening at least one of the other two. Why on Earth didn't they fix it?

When I took the drawers out to clean them I ended up having to duct tape the backs of them together as they were all loose with no easy way to secure them. You know how I fixed them in the end? Great strength due to great frustration. I basically kicked it and "fixed" them. I did the sensible thing and looked at all the fixings and there was nothing that would have gone wrong recently, so they must have been "using" broken drawers for quite a while. Who does that?

At some point I'll get round to having them fixed or replaced, until that I'm going to live with the now functional but slightly wonky drawers.


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